Nikki Lee & Riawna Capri

Co-owners and celebrity stylists

Nine Zero One Salon, Hollywood, CA

Wella Professionals

Women of Beauty: Nikki Lee & Riawna CapriFirst jobs in beauty: Nikki--Estee Lauder make-up counter, Reno, NV, 2000

Riawna—receptionist, Janna K Salon, 1997

Licensed: Nikki—International Academy of Style, Reno, NV, 2001 and CA license in 2002

Riawna—Marinello School of Beauty, Las Vegas, 2003

Three highlights of your careers:


  1. Teaming up with my business partner Riawna and getting a call to do Britney Spears extensions in 2006. Being only 24 at the time this was a huge deal for us and a night we will never forget!

  2. Getting chosen by my boss at the time Ken Paves to travel with him and do make overs on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

  3. Being able to have the inspiration, confidence and drive to open up Nine Zero One Salon, and seeing it succeed.


  1. One of the most memorable high lights of my career is when I was the hair stylist on the set of a movie which was filmed in Hong Kong, India, Africa, Paris and Istanbul all in 14 days!  Not only was I being paid but I also was getting to see the world! I would have paid to be there!
  2. When I was just starting off in LA, I really looked up to the woman I assisted. She had a high end clientele, (one being Colin Farrel) worked on photo shoots to the red carpet and LOVED her job! I knew that once I was doing what she was doing, I would be hitting my career goal. About 3 years later, I  got called to Colin Farrel for all of his press for Miami Vice, It was then when "I did it!".  I hit a true moment of real achievement.
  3. The latest huge highlight of my career was the first time I walked into Nine Zero One and all four shampoo bowls were being used! Anyone can open a salon, it's another to be busy and successful. Now when all shampoo bowls are being used, Nikki and I give each other a high five.  ;)

Beauty legend you both respect: Any woman who knows she is capable of anything she puts her mind to.

Choose beauty because: “Coming to the salon is the exact opposite of going to the dentist!”--Riawna

Quote or mantra: “There is an inner beauty about a women who believes in herself, who knows she is capable of anything she puts her mind to. There is a beauty in the strength and determination of a woman who follows her own path, who isn't thrown off by obstacles along the way." -Unknown

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