Sanitation TipsKeeping you and your clients safe through proper sanitation/disinfecting procedures is crucial for a healthy and safe salon environment!

National Director of Education and Market Development for King Research/Barbicide Leslie Roste, RN, provides us with some simple tips that will keep your station and tools clean, safe and ready-to-use. For more information on practicing proper sanitation, visit

Sanitation Tips:
1. Always know your state laws regarding Infection Control…what’s required in one state, may be illegal in another.

2. Always clean (sanitize) items BEFORE disinfecting—this can be done with a commercial cleaner or plain old soap and water.

3. Always mix disinfectants according to the label—this assures you have the right amount of concentrate to do the job without wasting any product.

4. Always know the contact time for your disinfectant—that is the amount of time that is required for items to be in contact with a disinfectant for it to be effective against germs.

5. Always change your disinfectant daily!

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