“It appeared that everyone took a simple approach at the Golden Globes this year,” observes Joico International Creative Director Damien Carney.  “They must be saving their ‘over the top’ looks for the Oscars!” Carney applauds the simplicity of the looks worn by two of his top choices of the evening—Julianne Moore and Tilda Swinton. Here, he reveals how to get the looks.
Damien Carney's Favorite Golden Globes StylesJulienne Moore: Stylish and Real

“I love everything she does, wears and endorses,” declares Damien. “She’s always stylish, always accessible, never overdone, always just right. The lesson from her is not to allow your hair to overshadow you—it’s there to enhance rather than take on a life of its own.”

Get the Look:

  1. Shampoo and condition with Joico Smooth Cure <http://joico.com/products/haircare/smooth-cure-sulfate-free>  Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. Apply a dime size amount of Joico Smooth Cure Leave In Rescue Treatment and comb through.
  3. Blow dry with a large round brush to smooth the hair while maintaining body and movement. Create a sexy, diagonal, low side parting.
  4. Beginning at the nape, wrap 1-inch square sections around a large barrel curling iron, directing the ends under.  Use a large iron to create very slight curves and super soft waves.
  5. Continue working toward the crown in this manner, placing minimal movement in the top sections.  Keep curl concentrated below the occipital.
  6. Move to the sides, working toward the parting in the same manner.  
  7. Create a separate wave in the fringe area.
  8. Using your hands, break up the texture, then smooth the hair lightly with a comb and mist with Joico Design Collection Flexible Styling Spray to keep strands feeling soft and natural.

Tilda Swinton: The Non-Conformist

“Tilda is never afraid to break the rules,” says Damien.  “She always sets her own style.”

Get the Look:

  1. Shampoo and condition with Joico Smooth Cure Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. Apply a dollop of Joico K-PAK Thermal Design Foam to damp hair and comb through.
  3. Working in neat sections the size of a large round brush, blow dry the hair, lifting it away from the scalp for volume and subtle movement.
  4. In the longer, top sections, wrap the hair around the brush to create curved movement.
  5. Complete the head in this manner, lifting and directing the hair.
  6. Use your hands to dry and shape the shorter sections.  
  7. Once hair is nearly dry, tousle it by blasting it with the dryer
  8. Place a small amount of Joico Design Collection Pliable Paste in the palm of your hands, emulsify and work through the hair.  “The more you play with it,” says Damien, “the better it looks.”
  9. Finally, before hair is completely dry, spray Joico Design Collection Flexible Shaping Spray into hands, distribute and work through the hair with your fingers to create texture and support.


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