In this latest collection from Hairdreams hair extensions, ambassadors Sonya and Christopher Dove use creative extension placement and color selection to recreate some of Hollywood’s unforgettable women. Using Hairdreams 7 Star Special Quality Hair extensions, the Volume+ System and the newly launched Quikkies, the Doves conceptualized the recreation of the sultry romance of Brigitte Bardot, the exotic glamour of Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra, and the pin-up style of Disney’s Jessica Rabbit. “Each look was chosen because they depicted a strong character in each woman,” the Doves say, “although distinctly different from one another, each style spoke to strength and confidence.”


Hollywood BeautiesBrigitte Bardot

Hollywood BeautiesBrigitte Bardot was the ultimate sultry, blonde bombshell of the ’60s— whose voluminous curls and long locks oozed romance. Her romantic soft style is captured using varying blonde shades of 55 cm extensions, along with Volume+ MicroLines hair for the top of the head. Placement is continuous from the back of the head up to the occipital, which has one row of alternation.

Hollywood BeautiesHollywood Beauties


Hollywood BeautiesCleopatra

Hollywood BeautiesThe iconic Cleopatra style was eternalized by Elizabeth Taylor’s epic interpretation in 1963. This updated take on the Egyptian beauty depicts her dramatic presence with bi-textured hair and an intricate use of color to reflect the pharaoh’s persona and legendary style. A combination of Volume+ TopHair in color 00/00 with alternated extensions and the newly launched Quikkies recreates the timeless look.

Hollywood BeautiesHollywood Beauties








Hollywood BeautiesJessica Rabbit

Hollywood BeautiesWithout a doubt the most famous sex symbol on the animated screen, Jessica Rabbit’s femme fatale character is immortalized using 45 cm strands of the coppery-red Color 74 extensions. Placement is continuous in the nape, and alternates at the occipital. Sides are primarily continuous with one row of alternation.

Hollywood BeautiesHollywood Beauties

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