Some women are blessed at birth with strawberry strands while others go ravishingly red by choice. However these celebrities achieve their crimson manes, they're definitely inspiring clients to go bold with their color choices. When discussing with your client just how deep she should dive into the world of redheads, think of some of these trendsetting and infamously red rock stars for inspiration.



Ravishing Redheads   Ravishing Redheads

How could we discuss crimson ladies without a mention of Joan from “Mad Men”? Christina Hendricks may not be a natural redhead, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t one of the most influential of the bunch. Also not a natural, Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine) shares the same rich (and labor-intensive) shade as Christina and is usually found donning a shoulder-length wavy style. One of the biggest talkers these days, however, is the formerly blonde “Video Games” singer Lana Del Rey with her long auburn barrel waves.

Honorable mentions: Karen Gillen (“Doctor Who”), Jane Levy (“Suburgatory”)


Ravishing Redheads   Ravishing Redheads

You just can’t keep these ginger-loving stars away from their signature color. Emma Stone strayed from her red roots to go platinum blonde for a her movie role in the new “Spiderman” series—fun fact: Emma is actually a natural blonde!—but she quickly reverted back to her deep auburn shade once filming was over. “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart has switched up her shades from deep brown to nearly-black (usually for a movie role), but we’re glad to see her back to a deep chocolate-cherry shade, which complements her fair skin beautifully. And though Rumer Willis may not always be known for her currently red locks, she has experimenting a few times over the past few years with many shades. Welcome back, ladies!


Ravishing Redheads Ravishing Redheads Ravishing Redheads

Believe it or not, these actresses with some of the most recognizable red locks were actually blessed at birth with them! Actress Julianne Moore has been one of Hollywood’s leading ladies in red for more than 20 years. Inheriting her naturally strawberry-blonde shade from her father, director Ron Howard, Bryce Dallas Howard has only enriched her natural color and only strayed once, when she went blonde in “Spider-Man 3” (just like Emma Stone!).  And who can forget Isla Fisher? Wife of comedian Sascha Baron Cohen and star of “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” Isla’s fiery mane is, indeed, natural and very befitting for her spunky personality seen on screen.

Honorable mentions: Debra Messing ("Smash"), Amy Adams ("Enchanted")


Ravishing Redheads

Gone, but not forgotten. Stars like Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan, Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson and Rose McGowan have all flirted with fire at one point when it comes to their hair color. Perhaps it was just a phase?

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