In this how-to, MODERN Facebook fan Alex Rivera demos how to create a low side bun by converging three on-the-scalp braids.

This look is relatively easy to achieve and is perfect for holiday parties, special occasions, or on days where you just can't figure out what to do with your own hair and you want to spiff it up. 

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Braided Beauty Updo: The How-To

Step one. Day-old hair helps make this style hold longer, but freshly washed hair will achieve the same look.

Step 2. Part the hair with a diagonal back rectangle from interior to exterior. The focal point of the design will be the bottom right.

Braided Beauty Updo: The How-To
Braided Beauty Updo: The How-To

Step 3. Begin with an over braid starting with the center section. Consciously braid at a slight diagonal back angle. The middle braid will be the center foundation of the final bun.

Step 4. Braid the remaining two sections. Remember to consciously braid all sections to end at the focal point of the final bun.

Braided Beauty Updo: The How-To
Braided Beauty Updo: The How-To

Step 5. Pull apart each braid to create volume, and to conceal and blend sections together. Starting with the center braid, roll under and pin to create bun. Roll other braids and pin accordingly. The three braids converge to a low side bun.

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