We've all seen the videos circulating YouTube: "Sh*t ____  Say."  Well, folks, now there's a more recent video: "Sh*t Hair Stylists Say."

Though, we have to admit, we definitely smirked and related (and maybe LOL'd a bit) to some of the racier comments (which unfortunately we do sometimes hear on the salon floor), we can't help but wonder, how do you, as a professional stylist, feel about this video going viral?

In a time where the career path of "hairdresser" isn't always looked at as a noble profession, do you think this casts yet another negative light on our industry?

My fear is that when these lighthearted, funny videos go viral, are we perpetuating the stigmas?  If you were a parent, whose child was perhaps considering enrolling in beauty school, would seeing this maybe make you reconsider the profession?

Another thing to consider when listening to the parodying stylist (who is actually Theodore Leaf—who appeared on season 2 of Bravo's Shear Genius!)—are you a "Beauty Bully?" Are you guilty of using similar verbiage while consulting with your clients? Maybe put a closer ear to what you hear yourself and your co-workers saying on the salon floor—let's nip this bad behavior and stigma in the bud.

A "Beauty Bully" is the one who puts down other people's work. The one who looks for the negative in a style rather than seeking out the positive. One who potentially insults clients to get them in their chair, saying "that hair color is mousy" or "wow, you have a lot of frizz."

If we were putting together a video of things stylists SHOULD say to the client, what would some of those catchphrases be?

Ok, now go watch the video. Go have a good laugh (because, yes, it is HILARIOUS). But, when you're done, promise me you'll try to never, ever, ever say any of Leaf's phrases ever. EVER!

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