Hair and fashion at the 2012 Grammy Awards ranged from subtle to over-the-top, and after scouring many beauty and fashion websites, and MODERN's Facebook this morning, I came up with a list of the coif queens and style princesses that turned heads and made the news today!

Aside from earning six nominations for the music off her album 21, Adele who performed for the first time since throat surgery, played down her hair a little less than her normal '60s voluminous bobs or bouffant ponytails. Arriving in a Giorgio Armani gown with black sequins and three-quarter length sleeves, Adele's new warm blonde shade of hair, shoulder-length bob and soft curls completed her overall look.

Who Made the A-List for Hair at the 2012 Grammys

Here's what some of our Facebook fans had to say about Adele's look:

Barbi Kathleen Harding: She is beautiful, but would love to see a cooler tone...seems like the really gold doesn't warm to her skin tone! Beautiful make-up though...

Maria Bremer: I think she looks great. They kept it rich and warm without being brassy. I'm so glad it's not bright yellow to platinum blonde. Her make up looks lovely with the color too.

Patti Lawley Smith: I love warm blondes, a little on the gold side but she went from red to blonde so it looks great considering the transition!

Amanda La Fe'e Verte: It definately works. The volume was perfect reminds me of the soulfull 60's but not too stuck in that era, little more current.

Wearing an elaborately embroidered gown last night, Taylor Swift's decision to wear minimal make-up and a ballerina bun, was probably the best way to go in order not too look "too overdone." According to, Swift said, "It's one of my favorite dresses I've ever gotten to wear!" What do you think of Taylor Swift's overall look? Do you think her dress was too pale for her skin tone? What do you think of her choice of wearing an elegant bun?

Who Made the A-List for Hair at the 2012 Grammys

When we asked our Facebook fans who wore their favorite looks at the Grammys last night, Carrie Underwood's name was repeated time and time again! Wearing a white open-back Gomez-Fracia column dress, Underwood's loose bouffant was one of our favorites from the night! (Stay tuned for the step-by-step!)

Who Made the A-List for Hair at the 2012 GrammysWho Made the A-List for Hair at the 2012 Grammys
























Rihanna turned heads with her new shoulder-length curly blonde hair and plunging custom Giorgio Armani gown. Possibly her hair was in tribute to one of Whitney Houston's iconic '80s looks (I Wanna Dance With Somebody)?

Who Made the A-List for Hair at the 2012 GrammysWho Made the A-List for Hair at the 2012 Grammys


Who Made the A-List for Hair at the 2012 Grammys

Katy Perry is back to blue, and wore a matching floor-length baby blue gown. MODERN's Facebook fans had mixed reviews about her style last night:

LaVonna McAlister: Totally fun! I would love to hear from the designer. My guess is it is suppose to look a little rooty/grown out. That's totally the style right now! I would not have liked it if the blue went clear to the scalp.

Chavela Martinez: I liked it. She should do a bleeding effect of blue to teal to purple.

Aleah Simpson: It looks like she's between appointments. Faded color and the crimper made it look badly damaged. Woman to woman, Katy it's time for a touch up.

Yvonne Pittman: Her hair is over processed. She needs to give it a rest and condition it. She looks beautiful in natural colors though closer to her own hair color.

Here are some more pictures from last night! Make sure you stop by MODERN's Facebook page and let us know which all-stars you liked and disliked at the Grammys.

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