Taking the inspiration from the bourgeois runway looks from Bottega Veneta and Jean Paul Gaultier, hair stylist Clive, from Clive and Co. in Dallas, Texas, was inspired to create a hair cut that interpreted this updo runway trend in a way that it can be worn with shorter hair. This makes the style wearable for everybody, taking away the mystique that runway style is outlandish and unrealistic for every day wear.

The hair cut is cut to create the illusion of a French Twist with height at the crown. The sides are disconnected to create a feeling of the hair being put up, leaving soft wisps to fall down around the ears. The front is accessorized by Abby Kugelstadt with strong flashes of colour, in this case—blue and purple tones, that are also very prevalent on the current runways; this emphasizes the sweeping wrapped movement through the front of the hair cut.


  1. Start in the back, using very heavy rounded graduation.
  2. Starting with the center section underneath the occipital, rotate with diagonal sections on either side, making sure each section is cut shorter towards the hairline and longer internally.
  3. This technique builds up a very round graduated shape.
  4. Once the back is complete work through to the sides, underneath the parietal. Taking vertical sections, cut the hair one finger’s distance from the skin, and then go back using scissor over comb to take hair shorter creating a very severe undercut.
  5. Internally, from the crown going forwards, direct all of the hair back to blend with the round shape in the back, leaving the top very long and heavy.
  6. Blow dry hair, and finish with a flat brush to give volume at the crown with a very jagged texture around the perimeter.
  7. Bold streaks of cool violets and blues were incorporated through the front to accentuate the texture and stay in line with the 60’s runway trend.

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