Nail Artist Julie Kandalec is regularly asked “What does a freelance manicurist keep in her travel kit?” This four minute video offers a tour of Kandalec’s precious and sturdy “bag” by Zuca and includes all that is needed for a manicurist who is regularly working in photo studios, on movie sets and in celebrity homes. “I sometimes even have to create a beautiful nail design in the back of a car!” she told me earlier today at a photo session for Modern Salon Media, “so I have to be prepared for anything.”

Kandalec makes sure that on top of having all that any manicurist could ever need (including a minimum of 100 shades), she also makes sure that her own nails are beautifully shaped and polished. On top of that, Kandalec, unlike most manicurists, wears plenty of jewelry including bracelets and rings. “People are looking at my hands and arms during the manicure so I like to give them something nice to look at!” In addition to her dazzling bling, Julie wears several pieces of the Duelette by Chilly Jilly. “It’s a gorgeous hair tie that I can wear as a bracelet. I always keep a few wrapped around my wrist, not just for me, but for my client as well,” says Kandalec. “And if I like her…she gets to keep it!”

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