Fuchsia and Citrus: Purple, Red and Orange FormulaLighter and brighter, rich and glossy, shimmering tones—hair color is heating up for the new season. Though red is a staple year-round, longer summer days bring lighter tones, intricate dimension and plenty of shine to summer updates and transitions. In this how to, featured in the April issue of MODERN SALON, Goldwell North American Lead Art Director John C. Simpson creates a fuchsia- and citrus-inspired finish using triangular sections, micro-thin slices and back-to-back foils.

The Artist:
John C. Simpson
Goldwell North American Lead Art Director

The Vision:
For spring/summer, a new twist: reds that radiate with intense shine and cool sophistication. Elegance with illumination!

The Formula:
Formula A: Topchic 40 ml Lotion 6% + 40 ml 6RR MAX
Formula B: Topchic 40 ml Lotion 6% + 40 ml 7RR MAX
Formula C: Topchic 40 ml Lotion 6% + 40 ml 6VV MAX

The Application:
Step 1: From recession at hairline to mid lid fringe fall, create an eyelet curve section. From mid lid, create a horizontal central zone within the parietal rounds to the crown. From crown to one inch past the crown round, create an arrow point.

Step 2: Apply background base Formula A to all hair not within sections.

Step 3: Starting in the triangular point at the round of the crown and utilizing back-to-back foils, alternating Formulas A, B and C in horizontal micro-thin slices, diffusing at the scalp. Repeat alternating formulas until the fringe fall.

Step 4: In front recession, take diagonal micro slices diffusing at the scalp, alternating Formulas A, B and C. Repeat until opposite recession. Process for 30 minutes.


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