On Hollywood’s biggest night these celebs brought their A-game. Give your clients Oscar-ready style for any occasion with these looks.


Brad Pitt, P Diddy and Christian Bale StylesChiseled Finish

“P Diddy is right on trend with more length on top. Super short fades have given way to cuts with longer interior lengths,” says Ivan Zoot, director of education and customer engagement for Andis.

Brad Pitt, P Diddy and Christian Bale StylesTry it: “The even-all-over with slight tapered perimeter is easily sculpted with an Andis Phat Master Clipper. The clipper is used with the growth direction on the top and sides to create a soft, smooth finish. The lining, edging and curved parting can be carefully chiseled with an Andis Superliner trimmer. The surface is smoothed free of loose hairs with an Andis ProFoil shaver and the look is finished with a light pomade or oil sheen spray.”



Brad Pitt, P Diddy and Christian Bale StylesLonger Locks

“Brad Pitt’s long hair looks awesome, however, men have to take care of their long locks like women do,” says Sherri Jessee from the Rusk Creative Team.

Brad Pitt, P Diddy and Christian Bale StylesTry it: “Pay special attention to grooming of facial hair and side burns by trimming with a #1 guard on the BaByliss PRO Volare Clipper. Shampoo, condition and apply a small amount of styling cream to provide control and heat protection. Blow dry the hair with a vent brush. Where needed, touch up with a Rusk CTC Flatiron to eliminate frizz. Rub a few drops of argan oil for shine and natural-looking separation.”




Brad Pitt, P Diddy and Christian Bale StylesThe Dark Knight

Grooming specialist for Paul Mitchell’s Mitch Collection Diana Schmidtke, says the secret to achieving Christian Bale’s low-maintenance look is all in the hands.

Brad Pitt, P Diddy and Christian Bale StylesTry it: “While blow drying, pull up at the root but don’t pull fingertips all the way to the end; this creates too much volume. Once dry, coat your hands with Clean Cut by MITCH (this is important—it should be over your whole working surface) and then holding your fingers like a claw, slowly pull through the hair to get the finger lines and a final look that is groomed but not overdone.”

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