Stylist and hair designer Amy Colvin created the Foolproof Updoing method in 2001. With over 20 years of industry experience, Colvin has brought an innovative approach to updos. Amy’s education style is not only dynamic and exciting, but also personalized toward every individual.

Seeing a lack of fundamentals-based updo courses, she created her Foolproof Updoing program. She recognized that stylists have a fear of updos due to the lack of resources to understand them like they should. Amy teaches her hands-on workshop in-salons nationwide. Her scheduled seminars are held throughout the year in and around her home state of Ohio. Along with instructing, Amy works in a salon full-time as a cutting/styling specialist.

Here are a couple of the updo lessons that she provides on her new DVD which you can purchase here.

Fauxhawk Updo How-To

Fauxhawk Updo How-To

Dark hair Fauxhawk Updo
1. Set hair on hot rollers to give the hair the direction for the look. Set the rollers towards away from the ears on the side panels. This will make the sides flat and the top full and start the shape to our fauxhawk look.
2. Tease the fauxhawk area, the middle, to form the shape and fullness you are envisioning.
3. Smooth the sides and nape toward the crown and pin to stay flat and tight. If the pins are criss crossed, they will stay nicely.
4. Starting at the crown, lightly smooth over a section of teasing to form a barrel curl on top of the teasing. Pin the ends and fold into the teasing. Use lots of hairspray to help give a smooth shiny surface.
5. Continue smoothing curls to the nape.
6. Form top sections into curls to blend on top of crown curls.
7. Lastly, form the bang into a teased roll to blend into the top.







Blonde updo
1. The hot roller set is key in making this updo work easily. The top rollers are set on base for height. Essentially, every curl placement you see in the updo is where a roller was. Rollers on the side were set on base vertically away from the face. This creates the fullness you see on the sides.
2. Each barrel curl is created by directing a section of hair in the intended direction. Directional tease the underneath with little strokes to give the section workability. Smooth the outside layer with hairspray and long gentle srtokes. Pin and fold to scalp. criss cross with another pin for stability.
3. Barrel curl under from the crown through the nape.
4. Barrel curl top through to corner of the eye.
5. Barrel curl side panels toward back and place to blend into top and back curls.

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