Summer is officially upon us. Coachella Music Festival in California officially kicks off festival season across the country, but you’d be hard-pressed to find as much style, fashion—and celebs!—at any others as you would at Coachella. Let’s take a look at standout styles spotted on the trend-setting musicians on stage.

Bangin' Hair at Coachella

Azealia Banks

Check out the vibrantly fuschia locks on singer and rapper Azealia. A tamer, more practical take on the styles of pink addict Nicki Minaj, perhaps? Pastels and vibrant colors will be HOT this summer. Are you prepped with the know-how? Learn these looks and formulas to achieve similar, sizziling results:

• Bold Color Statement: Pastel-inspired hair color from Joico's Sue Pemberton.
Kevin Murphy's Color.Bug gives a color chalking effect, minus the chalk!
Violet and Wild Orchid Vivids: The how-to!



Bangin' Hair at Coachella

Neon Indian

Purple—many shades of it—is definitely a hot trend this season. Leanne Macomber of Neon Indian wears a deep, rooty shade of it, more on the cooler side, with a fresh pixie cut. This trend may not be as requested by your more conservative clients—but a softer interpretation may! Check out these formulas to achieve bold, but wearble, takes on high-fashion colors.

• Check out this color chalking tutorial for another must-have look this summer!
Flames, Fire and Fringe effects. How to get the look.
• Color formula for a red-hot summer




Though the lead singer of this band is hard to miss, with his elaborate chain jewelry and throwback sunglasses, we couldn’t take our eyes off of the lady rocking the keytar, the lightweight keyboard worn like a guitar—and that cotton candy hair! Her pastel-infused look screams summer, and so do these formulas:
• Pastel color is HOT... here's how to achieve the perfect pastel purple.
• Fuchsia and Citrus: Purple, Red and Orange Formula
Highlight effects on short hair: Orange, gold and red



Mariko Doi

Talk about bangin’. Even in the middle of a sweaty set on stage in front of thousands, this member of indie band Yuck still maintained a near-perfect set of full fringe. Her lower-lid grazing fringe, combined with the deep chocolate color, is fresh, seasonally appropriate, and full of attitude. Check out these cutting how-tos for inspirational hair shapes.
• Paradigm: Cutting Class
Polished Punk
Shade and Design Cut



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