At Eufora, Global Team Members are euphoric about the real deal, hairdresser-driven approach.

The 26 Eufora Global Team members are passionate about their products, profession and fellow players. From first word to last, they evangelize about their camaraderie and rhapsodize about making a difference for the working stylist. So what’s happening?

Hairdresser-owned Eufora does everything with stylists in mind. The focus on career-pathing and education is what was once called “pure.” Hairdresser/ founder Don Bewley hand-picks all the Global Team members, based on pure passion and the ability to go the distance. What was once a cliché—by and for hairdressers—is now the exception, but at Eufora, it lives on in the real- life approach to style collections and a pay-it-forward philosophy.


Career pathing isn’t discussed much anymore, and that’s a shame, say team members. In-house, they start as Elite Team members, attend a required Boot Camp and then move up to Regional 1, 2 and 3, as they build skills. Only the Global Team members develop the yearly collections and technical education, and take part in photo shoots.

To research trends, men’s specialist, Jay Fata, who owns Valor in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, jumps on his Harley and checks malls and salons for what’s new.

“I’m into history, and history repeats itself,” says Fata. “For 2012, I’m inspired by the tight, low-bottom cuts of WWII, with their sharp parts and well-appointed finishes—think Mad Men. This year, the JFK cut will be laid on a lot of executives. Stylists are afraid of men’s cuts because they show mistakes more easily, so training in cuts this precise is a must.”

Other members have their own research methods but once the team and International Artistic Director, Dee Fortier, agree on specific trends, the specialists break the looks into steps, which everyone learns and teaches. That means men’s pro Fata masters updos, because being well-rounded is part of the profession.

How to Build a Team

“Boot Camp Mama” Tamra Segert, owner of Studio 700, Corona, California, focuses on mentoring, which is not cheerleading, she says.

“If you want a great team, lovingly guide them in achieving their dreams,” says Segert. “Have common goals and a strong vision; set an example. I learned from our Canadian team members that they hold hairdressing to a high standard and we should, too.”

Team members always meld business and art—it’s in keeping with their vision to help stylists be all they can be. To that end, the team’s business specialist, Andrew McAleese, owner of La Luma Salon and Academy in Toronto, says his “Your Financial Success” program teaches owners how to understand budgets and numbers, but also gives them what they need to help their stylists earn more.

“What stylists need right now is a way to collaborate with consumers and give them what they want, so they will buy,” says McAleese. “For example, new services like our T-Zone, which is an affordable, between-appointment color touch-up of the part line and area around the face.”

Naturally, the service was salon requested and tested. Because if it doesn’t work the real world, it doesn’t fly with the Eufora Global Team.

Career Pathing Career Pathing Career Pathing

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