That's a Wrap: French Braid Swirl Technique MODERN Facebook fan Erica Stoy has a true love for dressing hair and her latest photoshoot concept was developed through being inspired by intricate, unique braids. While preparing for a Candyland Doll-themed shoot, she began to experiment with different textures, shapes and silhouettes. Luckily, her co-worker at Studio DNA Salon in Los Angeles, CA, Ashley Hayward, was willing to play the dollhead because check out this intricate swirled french braid Erica created through the process! Not only do we love, but so do MODERN's nearly 60,000 Facebook fans! Here, Erica shares the how-to.

Step 1: Pick your starting point on the head, it can be the crown area, the back, the side, wherever you want to create visual interest on the head.

Step 2: Take a small circle section to begin your french braid.

Step 3: Visually imagine your braid spiraling into a circle and use a tail comb to sketch out that line. Take small sections to add into your french braid, adding from both sides.

Step 4: Continue moving around the head. It's OK to tilt your client's head different ways to help you keep the braid tight and as close to the scalp as possible.

Step 5: When you get to the last section around the front, leave out soft, wispy pieces to create a feminine look that frames the face.

Step 6: In the back this is where you can get creative with the lengths and finish your braid however you like. "I finished my braid with an S-shaped pattern," Erica says, "and braided all the way to the ends." Secure the lengths with a small hair band and twist it underneath into the braid. Then, secure with a bobby pin.

Step 7: Use your tail comb to go back over the braid and loosen any parts to create softness, volume, balance and shape.

That's a Wrap: French Braid Swirl Technique 


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