It’s typically considered a monumental disaster when two or more celebrities show up to an event wearing the same dress. But what about when they’re wearing the same shade of lipstick? Not a disaster—an awesome new trend!

Several ladies entered the red carpet at the 2012 Met Ball wearing a deep burgundy lip, and many have been rocking it for more than a year. For when your clients inevitably request this edgy, modern look for their big night out, we have a few suggestions on how to keep her hair in line with such a beauty statement on her lips.


Trend Alert: Deep, Burgundy Lips

Camilla Belle

Let’s face it—bold lipsticks were made for women like Camilla. Her flawless olive skin and striking eyebrows help offset the intensity of the deep burgundy lip color she wore to the 2012 Met Ball in New York City.

Tip: Why else does this look work so well on the red carpet? Camilla’s tightly pulled back bun, intricately twisted but worn low on the head, lets her makeup take the lead without too much distraction. When your client requests a deep lip, consider styling an updo or bun to let her lips do most of the talking.



Trend Alert: Deep, Burgundy Lips

Dita Von Teese

While most of Hollywood hopped on the bold lip bandwagon in the past year or so, Dita has been wearing it religiously as part of her signature, old Hollywood glam style for years. Paired with a short bob and finger waves like hers, the right, dark lipstick can help pull together a vintage, 1920s burlesque look.

Tip: While too much gloss on a burgundy lip can completely transform a look from vintage to gothic, you can never get enough shine on a set of finger waves. Keep your client’s bob polished and frizz-free with a fail-proof shine serum spray to set the look.



Trend Alert: Deep, Burgundy Lips

Katy Perry

Speaking of gothic—perhaps Katy’s trying out a new character for an upcoming music video? While this look is definitely more on the wild than glamorous side, the slight hint of purple in her nearly-black lipstick complements her deliciously neon purple locks.

Tips: It’s tough to commit to a color not found nature, sometimes. Before your client dives headfirst into an all-over shade like purple, encourage her to test out a temporary spray from the Creative Streak Collection for a few nights out to see how it wears.



Trend Alert: Deep, Burgundy Lips

Lana Del Rey

Common misconception: Red lipsticks on a redhead are a no-no. You already know this, but your client might now. Though Lana’s lipstick may not be a bright red or a coral shade—usually terrifying to redheads who are told to avoid them by their mothers—an eggplant lipstick is a nice compromise and also an extremely sultry choice.

Tip: Keep the texture and style of the hair soft when working with a dark lipstick. Red hair makes enough of a statement—too many curls and kinks and you’ll quickly take your client from edgy and modern to confused and a bit bizarre.



Trend Alert: Deep, Burgundy Lips

Amber Valetta

You didn’t think brunettes were the only ones who could pull off this trend, did you? Blondes like Amber can rock a deep lip just as fiercely, as represented by Kate Bosworth, Ashley Olsen, Agnyss Deyn and others. Notice how Amber’s burgundy shade makes her green eyes pop?

Tip: When working with a blonde, keep the rest of the makeup application light and shimmery. A heavy shadow, eyeliner or stroke of the blush brush could overpower that pop you’re working to achieve with a deep lip on a lighter blonde. If your client wants a burgundy lip but seems hesitant because of this, suggest a brighter, more colorful shade like these from Inglot Cosmetics.



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