HOW-TO: Rainbow OmbréThis multi-colored dip-dyed look that gradually blends up the hair is a new way you can incorporate some “edge” into your clients’ style. This new trend, called Rainbow Ombré, is popping up everywhere on teens to college students, not to mention it’s been a recently hot topic on MODERN SALON’s Facebook.

If your clients are ready to add a blend of color to their ombré, educate them on which shades would be best for their tresses. Even though the options are endless, try recommending blue, purple and pink for blondes; red, green or purples for brunettes; and teal, orange or yellow for your redheads.

Pastel colors have been THE hit trend when it comes to summer hair styles, so don’t forget you can try these colors as well! Celebrities that have been spotted with this look have included TV Personality Lauren Conrad and Gabriella Ellis from Cabin In The Woods.

If your clients like the look but don’t want it to be permanent, then hair chalking may be the route, otherwise for a more sophisticated and tasteful look that will last, you can try these steps below offered by MODERN Facebook fan, Dane Fife.

“Our model had very thick hair and we curled it into spiral curls,” says Fife. “We chose to not do the bottom because it would have been way too much. The brown hair underneath made the ombré stand out.” Fife started the style by coloring the blonde re-growth using Scruples Blazing 12V, then she shampooed, conditioned and blow dried the hair.

“To achieve the Ombre we used Tressa Extreme Colors which are very bright and vibrant,” she says. “We applied approximately twenty foils using Tressa Teal, Blue, Purple and Fuschia. As you can see, we are partial to the Teal and used it on all the ends.”


STEP 1: Section the hair into panels, just as you would do for highlighting. The sectioning shouldn't be exact, and you will get better results if it's not. At about five to six inches from the scalp, run through the Fuschia for a few inches then Purple or Blue and Teal on the bottom.

Where the colors come together, they will blend, which will create yet a different color. For example, Fuschia and Blue blended into Purple.

   ~ There was no mixing required. Simply pour the color from the bottle into a bowl and brush it onto the hair.

   ~ Be sure to start your sectioning at the bottom. You don't want to fold the foils up and clip them. You want them all to hang.

   ~ Do not fold the foil over itself to close. Place another piece of foil with it to create a sandwich effect. Then fold the edges over and the bottom up.

STEP 2: Continue using various color combinations. Certain foils were started with Purple while others used Blue. You can sometimes only use two of the colors (Blue/Teal or Fuschia/Teal) and you can put small sections of just one color in places.

STEP 3: After all the foils are done, take your flatiron and apply pressure quickly and gently down the whole piece of foil. Don’t disturb the foil placement too much (don't drag the flatiron down the foil). The heat sets in the color and makes it more intense. (Don't place under a dryer or the color will get too runny.)

STEP 4: Process for 15 minutes.

STEP 5: Shampoo and rinse for three minutes. Condition the hair.

STEP 6: Blow dry.

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HOW-TO: Rainbow Ombré

HOW-TO: Rainbow Ombré

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