Tony Odisho Extensions, a professional line of premium 100% human hair extensions featuring strand-by-strand patented keratin bonds, has introduced  a new tool and a new collection, both created for women wearing natural hair extensions.

‘Sola 100’, the company’s new low-heat bonding tool for fusion extensions, features Teflon-coated prongs, administers a constant, even low-heat temperature that will  fuse protein bonds while keeping protein molecules still intact.

A new line of cleansing, conditioning and styling products, the Ostia Collection, was created to maintain and enhance the look, life, and feel of all natural hair additions (all brands).

Sulfate-free Ostia Shampoo balances eleven botanical extracts and proteins that cleanse while helping to add moisture, strength and sheen. Ostia Dry Shampoo offers a waterless spray cleanser that absorbs oil (no ‘flaking or caking’) and leaves hair ‘revived’.

Two New Launches from Tony Odisho Extensions

The light-spray Ostia Detangling Mist offers manageability without residue plus an alcohol-free UV sun filter that protects hair from damaging rays (sun causes color fading in some natural hair extension lines).  

“Once women discovered that hair extensions are not just for ‘length only’, their whole world of style choices really opened up,” says Odisho.  “No matter what type of hair our clients have or how much, there are versatile extensions that can achieve any fashion look. Now, extensions easily and quickly enhance natural hair by adding fullness, texture and color as well as length. Whether you’re at a cocktail party, at a club, in the office, or part of a bridal party, natural hair extensions are your ultimate fashion accessory!”

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