Macadamia Natural Oil CEO John Fasan made a recent trip to Olson-Keolanui (OK) Farms in Hawaii to put mission into action.  At the core of Macadamia Natural Oil’s operations is a commitment to preserving the environment and its resources, namely, the macadamia nut.  Fasan, alongside farm co-owners Ed Olson and Troy Keolanui,  planted 10 three-and-a-half foot seedlings where they will become a part of an already thriving macadamia nut tree orchard.  He performed this symbolic planting along with Hamakua Macadami Nut Company president, Richard Schnitzler, and six employees of Japanese distributor, Dalia Incorporated, including Dalia's president,  Takaki Shinichi.

Macadamia Natural Oil Plants Trees for the Future

“Because Macadamia [Natural Oil] sells worldwide...we feel we should give back. If we take from the earth, we’re going to give back to the earth,” Fasan said.

Following the groundbreaking, the group enjoyed a gourmet lunch with macadamia nuts as the centerpiece.

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