Pop star Britney Spears debuted her new multicolored locks when she joined Ryan Seacrest on stage during the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sept. 21. Making a splash with hair color or a new ‘do isn’t new for Spears—some of you may remember her going bald—but this is the first time in awhile she has taken a break from her signature blonde strands.

Sporting teal, blue and hot pink tips, Spears has now joined the rainbow hair movement embraced by many celebs this summer from her X Factor co-judge Demi Lovato to Lauren Conrad, Ashley Tisdale, Michelle Forbes, Willow Smith and more.

Sonya and Christopher Dove, salon owners, artists and innovators, work with Hairdreams hair extensions.  

"We’re loving Britney Spears new 'pop' of color in her hair – very fun and playful," said Sonya Dove. "You can easily achieve this look with Hairdreams hair extensions trendy color strands.  Choose one color to blend throughout the hair or a mix of bright hues to make your style really standout."

Dawn Carter, lead educator for Simplicity Hair Extensions thinks the trendy "dip-dyed" look was a bit of a miss when it came to the execution. "They are obviously hair extensions, but the question has been 'are they clip in's'? Whether or not they are makes no difference in my opinion, but the procurement does. I feel that i would have made the look more of an Ombre style with a softer transition from tip through the shaft. Also using softer shades of the pink and teal would have been a better use of the colors for her complexion."

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Britney Spears' New Rainbow Bright Hair

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