Facials: Not Just for the Face
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What could be more luxurious than facials from head to toe? Enterprising estheticians have targeted them toward every nook and cranny.

Soft, glowing skin is a priority for the face, but every body part can benefit from professional care. Beyond basic body treatments, body "facials" for almost every specific area bring highly targeted ingredients and intensive, multi-step treatments that will bring the neck, elbows or back up to par with the face.

Some facials are customized to specific clients, such as the hand facial offered for tired golfers at PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, or the underarm facial that clears up ingrown hairs and inflammation at a few warm weather salons. But many of the more general services listed here can be used on almost anyone who wants her skin to look its best every day.

A recent survey revealed more than 86 percent of renew readers offer facials for parts other than the face: Try incorporating one or more of these services, and gauge demand before you add to your service menu—or, just make these limited-time offers for brides or spring breakers to add excitement. Even if they never become as popular as your signature facial, they round out a true beauty professional's repertoire.

Neck and Decollete Facial
Exhale Spas, nationwide.

"This facial is primarily the same as for the face, but modified because the neck is much more sensitive," says Spa Director Deja Goldstein. Clients wishing for even more visible results can upgrade the service with a Z-Peel from the product line, Actifirm.

Service Summary: Did you know your neck ages seven years faster than your face? We've designed a specific therapy to help slow signs of aging. Our purifying and nutrient-rich enzyme peel leaves your complexion luminous.

1. Select a cleanser based on skin type, and gently cleanse the neck and décolleté area. Remove with warm towels.
2. Add steam to the area.
3. For exfoliation, determine whether an enzyme, glycolic or lactic acid would be appropriate. Add exfoliant with brush, wait for several minutes, and then remove with warm towels.
4. Perform extractions if necessary.
5. Select a calming mask, then apply liberally all over the area. Wait for several minutes (you may perform a neck, foot or arm massage) and then remove the mask with warm towels.
6. Select a hydrating mask and repeat procedure. Again, remove mask with warm towels.
7. Finish with a neck and decollete massage, and apply a day lotion with SPF.
Time: 30 minutes as an add-on, or 60 minutes alone
Cost: as an add-on $65, or $110 alone

Firming Breast Facial
Juvenex Spa, New York City

Known as "The Breacial," this topless treatment firms and tightens the chest with thalassotherapy, says esthetician Rinta Meity. It's popular among older women and effects can last for a few days. Skin will be left soft and hydrated.

Service Summary: This specialty treatment is an uplifting breast facial that utilizes a blend of marine algae combined with fango (volcanic ash that removes impurities and replaces minerals), botanicals and essential oils that are applied to tone and firm delicate breast skin tissue. Exfoliates and removes lymphatic congestion commonly present in the breast area. Indicated for post-pregnancy/lactation, post-surgery, during weight loss, post-mammogram, for loose tissue and general prevention and firming.

1. Have client lie face up on the treatment table. Cleanse the bust and chest area with a thalassotherapy product that contains algae and fango.
2. Add steam.
3. Perform extractions on the chest, if necessary.
4. Perform a massage on the chest area to relax muscles and stimulate blood flow.
5. Next, add thalassotherapy mask on the bust and chest area and leave on for 20 minutes. You may perform a hand or foot massage
during this time.
6. Remove the mask with warm towels.
7. Select the appropriate SPF moisturizing cream and apply to the area.
Time: 45 minutes
Cost: $85

Fanny Facial
Smooth Synergy, New York City,

"We've been very busy with this treatment, and people are still asking for it, even going into colder weather," says Smooth Synergy co-owner Nicole Cantos, who recommends clients buy a series of 20 sessions. Trademarked to Smooth Synergy, the not-just-a-novelty service has drawn plenty of media and consumer attention.

Service Summary: Our three-step system for maintaining a perfectly polished derriere! To begin, the sensitive skin of the derriere is exfoliated. Next, microcurrent therapy is used on the skin to lift and tone the derriere. This very rich and pampering service delivers anti-inflammatory results and leaves the skin smoother and more toned. As the finishing touch, the entire body is given an organic spray tan to achieve that total bombshell look.

1. Have client lie facedown on table. Exfoliate using Smooth Synergy's Papaya Body Scrub on the derriere and back of the thighs. (Use towels to cover areas not being worked on.) This will dissolve surface debris, detoxify skin and clean pores.
2. Attach microcurrent probes to the client's upper and lower thighs. Start at a lower level, and after about 15 minutes, increase current strength. Client will feel a massage or pulling sensation on the skin. The compressions will help lessen a lumpy appearance and release fluid build-up around the skin cells. Effects from one session can last up to 8 hours. Continue microcurrent for a total of 45 minutes.
3. Finish service with a SunFX spray tan, which uses mineral salt bronzers. The tan and drying process will take 5-10 minutes and a natural-looking tan will continue to develop for up to 12 hours.
Time: 90 minutes
Cost: $160

Elbows, Knees and Heels Facial
Honey Child Salon and Spa, Chicago, Illinois,

The body parts that could use the most TLC are catered to with Honey Child's "Rough Patches" service that focuses on dry, cracked and weather-worn skin. Esthetician Christine Bayen says the pampering treatment appeals to both young and old, and is recommended every 12 weeks. Body balms and exfoliation gels are popular accompanying take-home products.

Service Summary: Created exclusively for Honey Child. Get the works with this lightening and smoothing technique. Citrus enzyme peel, rich balms and a blast of paraffin are used to revive and soften these most neglected areas on your temple.

1. Have client lie face up on treatment table, propped up with a bolster, and crossing her arms over her stomach so that elbows point out. On dry skin, apply Honey Child Honey and Almond Scrub on elbows, knees and heels. For heels, cup foot in hands and gently lift off table to apply scrub.
2. After 5-10 minutes, use a towel to buff off scrub.
3. Warm Honey Child Honey Balm in warmer. Apply melted balm to elbows, knees and heels and massage in.
4. Next, apply Honey Child Honey Mask to lock in moisture.
5. Over the mask, apply a honey paraffin coat. Dip cotton strips in paraffin and lay over elbows, knees and heels. While paraffin sets, perform a head and neck massage.
6. Once paraffin is dry, peel cotton strips off. Do not wipe off remaining residue, but rub into skin for moisture and protection.
Time: 30 minutes
Cost: $45

Bare Back Facial
Tru Spa, San Francisco, California, 

A back facial is the most requested non-face facial, as "people are slowly discovering it," says Anya Mankowska-Allard, Tru's spa director. "It's become popular among brides." The spa uses one of several product lines in this service, depending on the client.

Service Summary: Show off that fancy new epidermis of yours. Our back facial combines many of the facial elements that have made us famous—including a prodigious amount of extractions, exfoliation, oxygen, massage, skin type specific mask, environmental protection—along with a skin renewing glycolic peel. Just the ticket to get you back in shape!

1. Have client lay face down. Perform skin analysis of back.
2. Cleanse the back, from shoulders to hip area.
3. Apply glycolic peel. To remove, wipe with warm towels.
4. Cleanse skin again. Apply an oxygenated body cream all over the back, concentrating on areas to be extracted. Cover the back with a plastic film (the enhanced penetration of ingredients will make extractions less painful). In the meantime, perform a 15-minute hand massage.
5. Remove plastic film and perform extractions. Apply toner after each extraction.
6. Follow by spritzing an oxygen spray enriched with
vitamins all over the back.
7. Perform a 30-minute back massage, working from the bottom of the back up toward shoulders.
8. Apply a soothing mask depending on skin type. Perform a 15-minute foot massage.
9. Remove mask with warm towels and apply a moisturizer.
Time: 130 minutes
Cost: $80

Bikini Facial
The Body Klinic, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 

Dubbed "Beauty at the Beach," this facial for the bikini area is targeted toward spring breakers, holiday travelers, and summer sunbathers. Esthetician Danielle Kunkel says the steps are similar to a regular facial, with emphasis on exfoliation to prevent in-grown hairs. Clients would wear the same garments recommended for a bikini wax, or none at all.

Service Summary: Get ready for the beach with our new Bikini Facial. This service helps in preventing ingrown hairs, rashes and
inflammation. Results are incredible. Combine with any bikini waxing. Includes a complimentary lotion.

1. Gently cleanse bikini area to remove dead cells and oils, and remove with a warm towel.
2. Add steam to the area.
3. Brush exfoliating scrub onto area; remove with warm towels.
4. Depending on client, add high frequency or use Ultrasonic machine, directing current over the bikini area. This will diminish in-grown hairs.
5. Apply a customized mask to soothe area; remove with warm towels.
6. Apply a hydrating mask to firm and tone the bikini area; remove with warm towels.
7. If client prefers, finish the service with a moisturizing lotion, although no lotion is
preferable if service is combined with waxing.
Time: 45 minutes
Cost: $60

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