Renew How-To: Tired Leg Spa Pedicure

by MS Staff | September 28, 2012
company: Avance Skincare/800-777-SKIN/
target conditions: Poor circulation, tired legs, swollen achy feet. Recommended for expectant moms, athletes and anyone wishing to revitalize their legs and feet.
service summary:
1. Soak feet in 4 tablespoons of Seaweed Bath Crystals
with 10 drops of Energizing Formula.
2. Remove one foot at a time from bath and massage with Essence of Algae for 2-3 minutes. Return foot to soak. Repeat procedure with other foot. Continue to massage and soak each foot 4-5 times depending on thickness of calluses.
3. Remove calluses and cuticles. File nails.
4. Massage feet and lower leg with Anti-Fluid Gel (stroke toward heart).
5. Massage feet and lower leg with Toning Body Creme and 5 drops of Energizing Formula.
6. Polish nails.
recommended pricing strategy: $30-$60
recommended training: Protocol and Avance Therapy Guide
treatment duration: 60 minutes
Floyd's 99 Joins the Fight Against Diabetes


Floyd's 99 Joins the Fight Against Diabetes

by Staff

Floyd's 99, the hair-cutting and shave shop, rolls out its annual partnership with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), the leading global organization dedicated to funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research.

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