We’re redefining not only what spas are, but where they are.

- In late 2006, Whole Foods launched ReFresh: An Everyday Spa, which takes up 4,500 square feet of space atop the Whole Foods store in Dallas. If it does well, look for Whole Foods to march on with more spa openings.

- Tourists at historic sites like Williamsburg, VA, and Plymouth, MA, are discovering brand new spas a stone’s throw from famous landmarks.

- Hotels now need a luxurious day spa to stay competitive.

- Airports are seeing an increasing presence of spas.

- Medical facilities are beginning to house spas, not just for patients but as a perk for their often overworked staff.

- Senior living facilities are the next frontier for spas, reports Christi Cano, director of spa development for Creative Spa Concepts, which is currently consulting on hair and spa services for a senior community set to open in Las Vegas at the end of next year.

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