Behind the Cover: November 2012The Roberto Ligresti studio in New York City was the setting for MODERN’s photo session with Moroccanoil’s Artistic Director, Antonio Corral Calero. Calero embraced the theme of New Years Eve by not just creating a festive silhouette, but by enjoying his day during the photo session.

“This is so much fun!” he said as we sent out for iced coffee and party donuts from the famed Donutplant on 23rd Street. “Where’s the cake?” Ironically, the shoot took place right as we were also celebrating a crew members’ recent birthday. The crew, including Calero’s assistant Raul Da Luz, model Victoria of Wilhelmina and make-up artist Nico GP, were also in the party spirit. Fashion stylist Rod Novoa arrived with some of his favorite festive fashions including an animal print chiffon dress, a fitted leopard print dress, a black studded vest and a studded panty by Versace.

But all knew there was a job to be done. Calero didn’t let his sugar high keep him from addressing his mission—a shot at MODERN’s November cover. “One of the most important things to remember is the hair must look good from the moment she comes to the celebration to the moment she says goodbye,” he said. “Even if it falls a bit, it must fall nicely.”

Lots of spray and Moroccanoil’s Volumizing Mousse ensured that the curls would last, “and last beautifully,” said Calero. “Afterall, it is a party.”

Behind the Cover: November 2012

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