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Tuesday, December 4th's question was: I love being a hairdresser because: ________.

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I love being a hairdresser because: ________

1...as a former nurse, I feel like I am still nursing--not only making people look and feel good on the outside, but also making them feel good on the inside!—Annie Byton Was Racey 

2...because having a job I love to do AND get paid for it just isn't enough! I also get to empower women with the snip of my shears and the stroke of my color brush. Making the world a more beautiful place is an honor, and I cherish every moment!—Teddi Walker 

3...I can change someone's day or life even just by spending a short amount of time with them. Being a hairdresser is about growing a relationship with your client by listening and catering to their needs or wants, being sincere and truly caring about them. It's about using art and talent to achieve a look that gives someone not only outer beauty but helps grow inner confidence to help them achieve their goals while helping you reach yours. Being a hairdresser means truly loving people by giving them a bit of positivity for today and leaving them with a gleaming ray of hope for tomorrow.—Leah Leon

4...I love listening to people's story. Everyone has a story and its truly made me feel like a more empathic person to know that everyone is living a life with a past, present and future. It's a great way to connect, and while I listen, I make them beautiful. For a portion of the same visit, I teach them how to make themselves look beautiful at home. What's better than that? —Brianne McCoy- Prince

5...the smile and expression on my guest's face when I turn them toward the mirror to look at their finished look, gives me the warmest feeling of happiness. The feeling of excitement I get awaiting their response is like unwrapping a present! It brings a smile to my face each and every time!—Andrea McVicker

6...I love being a hairdresser because it has brought me so many great opportunities. I have had the chance to compete in territorial and national competitions and the chance to express my creativity and talent. I feel I set a good example for other youth because I do what I love, and I love what I do. —Danita Frost-Arey 

7...I love being able to help my client feel more polished and chic. I want my clients to leave feeling fierce and ready to rule the world. I look at my client as a canvas; I think cosmetology is an art form, I love being able to express myself artistically through the day I dress and style my own hair. This industry does not discriminate and that is what I love the most!—Samantha Lehigh

8...I love being a hairdresser because no other career on earth allows me to connect with a stranger in such a physical and emotional way that we both walk away changed for life. Every client I have has changed my life in one way or another, I only hope that I have done the same for them.—Jennifer McNamee 

9...I have literally watched families grow up and have children of their own. I love the feeling I get when someone comes in after a bad day, close to tears, and when they leave they hug me and smile because they look so amazing. We have the best profession ever; no one can do what we do on a daily basis. —Kathy Lynn Short

10...I love being a hairdresser not only for the artistic aspect of my career, but more so for the clients--for the stay home moms who only have that hour for themselves, for the teen girl who gets picked on for not living up to society's standard on beauty, for the wife whose husband doesn't look at her the same anymore, for the business woman always on the go--I find great joy having these amazing women sitting in my chair. I'm given the chance to make them feel beautiful on the inside and enhance the beauty on the outside. I am given the ability to help them find their confidence.—Jillian Masterson

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100k POST WINNERS: The Best Hairdressers are the Ones Who __



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