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Wednesday, December 5th's question was: The most inspiring day in my career was when...

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: Warning. I am a hot mess reading these stories. It was very, very difficult to pick the following ten out of the hundreds who submitted. In the end, we chose these ten because they represent so many different reasons on why being a hairdresser is such a beautiful career choice. Thank you all for sharing your stories. Click HERE to read more of the submissions. —Alison Shipley, editor, MODERN SALON]

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The most inspiring day in my career as a hairdresser was_________...

1...when I shaved a wonderful client's head for her as her hair had started to fall out due to chemotherapy treatments. She had been coloring her hair purple for a long time, despite the fact that the conservative office she worked in hated it. Then each and every one of the women who worked in the office with her came into the salon and got a purple chunk in their hair to show their support. Sadly, she passed away about a year later and all the co-workers came back in and got another piece of purple in their hair to show their love at her funeral. —Melisa Parks

2...when I was in cosmetology school, a lady tell me to make her look as beautiful as I possibly could. I could tell she was hurting, eyes swollen, tissue in her sleeve. She informed me her husband only had a few days to live. She wanted his last view of her to be like when they first met, 40 years earlier. Color, cut, beautiful wavy set and make-up application--she received the works. Three days later she arrived again for an updo for the wake and funeral. I gave her all the love and support I could. She said she needed help writing the obituary. We sat after the service and put her thoughts, tears and heart onto paper. The next day, I went to the funeral to show support, though I had just met her. When Cheryl gave her speech, she said she had a special person to thank, her hairdresser, for if it weren't for him, she wouldn't have been standing there. This is the moment I learned the power we have as hairdressers. We not only touch clients' hair, we touch their hearts. Just by telling her how beautiful she looked, and saying she had the strength to do this, and so much life left to live, I saved Cheryl from suicide that day. Every day, take time to listen to your clients, and they will speak. —Timothy Willy

3...when I did a permanent straightening system on a client who had unruly, wavy hair. She had never thought of herself as pretty, or had ever ran her fingers through her hair. When I was all finished and styled her hair, I turned her around to the mirror. Her face lit up, and she just beamed! She buried her face in her hands and cried. She couldn't stop touching it and running her fingers through it. —Jenny Hardiman

4...when the last few months my 97-year-old Granny was still alive and I was able to do a simple roller set and hair cut on her. I cried that day because I was able to finally offer her something so simple, but very important and meaningful to her, when she had offered me so much. I knew that at that point in my life, I chose a career that would impact and touch everyone I came in contact with. —Amy DeFazio

5...when I realized how fortunate I am that many of my long-time clients look to me for help. They have included me in their lives from first hair cuts, prom hair, wedding hair, divorce hair, in sickness and in health! You can't pick your family but you can pick your hairdresser. How blessed am I that they picked me! —Tina Perrotta

6...when we did an event at a local elementary school called "Clips for Cancer" and over 30 little girls and their teachers & parents came and donated their hair. Those girls were so excited to be able to help someone. What an awesome, selfless thing for them to do, as we all know how cruel some kids can be at that age, that these girls would sacrifice part of their self image to help another person feel beautiful again. I may have had to do free hair cuts that entire day, but I realized that this job isn't always about the money. It's about making a difference in someone's life, whether it's by providing them with the means to feel beautiful again, or teaching a lesson that it's always better to give than to receive. —Arin Eddings Hill

7...when one of my first days working as a stylist, a woman came in with MD. She was in a wheelchair and had her 10-year-old daughter with her. Her hair was not in great shape due to lack of care and the meds she was on. They had had a hard road, the father had left because he couldn't watch his wife deteriorate any longer, she was unable to work and couldn't buy fashionable clothing for her children, and her daughter was teased relentlessly about her mother looking poor and dirty. After a couple of hours in my chair, the little saw her mother's finished look and began to cry. I leaned down and asked if she was OK. Her response, "you made my mommy look so pretty" and she continued to sob, making me and everyone else cry too. I was able brighten the world of a child with a task so many of us take for granted. —Sara Goad

8...when my father was dying of cancer he had no income due to a mix-up with his disability paperwork. He didn't have any life insurance to cover final expenses either. My husband and I were struggling to support him financially. Several of my clients, as well as some of my colleagues clients donated money to help cover his expenses. I was humbled by their kindness. I realized that day what an amazing "family" I have. I try every day to pass on that kindness to everyone I meet. —Libby Trask Johnson

9...when I got a phone call and was asked to drive 30 miles to do an elderly woman's hair. I was hesitant to drive that far, but agreed. When I got there she was in a wheelchair and had not been out of her house in six months. By the time I was finished with her hair I was crying and so was she. She told me that I had made her day by coming there. When I left I vowed to never feel like I couldn't travel to make someone's day. I went to her house every week until she passed away. I will never forget the joy she brought me. —Darlene Gray

10...when I had a client come in who had had a stroke eight months prior. No one had combed her hair in months, and she was no longer able to lift her arm high enough to comb her hair herself. She sat in my chair and explained that she had went to several other salons and they all wanted to cut off all of her hair. In tears she told me that it was her birthday and that all she wanted was to keep her hair. It was so matted to the back of her head, but my heart went out to her--all that I could think is I would want someone to try for me. I blocked off my whole day and got to work on combing out the huge mass of knots that was her hair. I spent two eight-hour days combing out her hair. At the end of the second day I had managed to save her hair. That was the most emotional, rewarding day ever as she cried tears of joy in my chair. —Johlene Montrose-Roberts


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The best hairdressers are the ones who _____





I love being a hairdresser because ______

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