HOW TO: Peacock-Inspired Hair ColorMODERN Facebook fan Christina Jones, a stylist and owner at Studio She in Maryland, finds her color inspiration in nature. Recently she was inspired by the beautiful coloring of a peacock, and knew she had to recreate the look on her client.

Client: Natural Level 7 Dark Blonde with 1-inch new growth, 50% gray

HOW TO: Peacock-Inspired Hair ColorBegin by shampooing the hair with Sulfate-Free Clarifying Shampoo. Then, use Pravana Color Extractor. Comb the fringe from the high point of the head into natural fall. Include the hair that falls in front of the ear and hair line on the left side. This creates your "face halo."
Mix equal parts of Color Extractor 1 and Color Extractor 2. Using a bowl and brush application, apply to the face halo.

Cover the hair with a plastic Cap and process under the dryer for 20 minutes. Then, shampoo with Sulfate-Free Clarifying Shampoo

Saturate the lifted area with lightener and 10-volume developer.For this client, this step was performed twice to achieve the required lift.

Then, completely dry the hair. Section the front halo forward, removing the top layer of hair. Now, it's time to create the lowlight/all-over color that falls on top of the face halo.

Formula 1
1 oz. 5N Redken Chromatics + 1 oz. 4N Redken Chromatics + 2 oz. 20-volume Redken Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer

Beginning at the base, apply the color first to the new growth, then move to the midshaft and ends. Smudge the color on the ends of the hair that are framing the face halo. Leave the tips out for the gold gloss that is added as the last step.

HOW TO: Peacock-Inspired Hair ColorFormula 2
1 oz. Pravana Vivids Green with a dash of silver
1 oz. Pravana Vivids Blue with a dash of silver

Beginning on the face halo, using short foils, vertically apply Pravana Vivids Green to the first layer framing the face. Alternate with Pravana Vivids Blue.

"I like to smudge the colors in using a sponge or my fingers, guaranteeing that the color blends perfectly," Jones says. "This application is very visual. Deciding on which color to use is truly about the model's skin tone, eye color and where the hair falls."

Process for 45 minutes. Shampoo the hair and dry to 50 percent.

Formula 3
2 oz /03 Wella Color Touch Relights + 4 oz 1.9% developer

Apply from base to ends. Let it process for 10 minutes.
"I love the iridescent gold and shine this gloss creates!" Jones says.


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