by Maggie Mulhern | December 6, 2012
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Salon SCK opened just five months ago and has already attracted the attention of more than its neighbors on the Upper West Side of New York City. Set on the second floor of one of the original buildings from 1885, the entrance is on Broadway just off 61st Street. Editors, celebrities and socialites are flocking to the 4300 square foot former dance studio. There are 24 stations and a staff of 28. Designed by co-owner Mark Sweet, the salon professional took a step out of his comfort zone of haircolor to make sure everything...from lighting to flooring to furniture, equipment and even floral arrangements...offers a sense of comfort, well being and professionalism.

"We've created a relaxed space that emulates the feel of a Soho loft," says co-owner Clint Wilson. "You get a feeling right when you walk in that we offer luxury, but more importantly, that we respect our clients and our fellow staff members."

That's for sure. I stopped by to visit yesterday and could sense that with just one foot in the door. "One of the things I love best about Salon SCK is that we are a staff without outsize egos. We are all about inspiring each other, enabling all to move forward. Most of us come from a corporate salon world so we've learned from that experience and now embrace all ideas and allow each member of the staff to have a voice."

There aren't titles at the salon...each artist is either a stylist or colorist. "We offer ongoing education and the atmosphere here is so positive. The clients feel it. Most importantly, the freedom and respect shared allows people to go above and beyond, making things work better because they are the heart of Salon SCK."

Clint takes us on a video tour of Salon SCK. It;s worth the trip.

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