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Thursday, December 6th's question was: The most unique location I ever cut/colored/styled hair was: ________.

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The most unique location I ever cut/colored/styled hair was ________

1...at a birthing center, I styled a client 30 minutes before she gave birth. Hey, she wanted beautiful pictures! —Jennifer Rodriguez

2...in the office of a convenience store. The manager had made and canceled appointments for weeks and was so understaffed and kept getting called in so I cut it for her in her office during her break. —Jess Mckinney

3...in a parking lot outside of a diner. I was having breakfast and a couple stopped me on the way to restroom to tell me they liked my hair, I told them 'thank you!' They asked where I got it done, I told them I was a hair stylist, and my coworker cut it. When I was on my way back from restroom the gentleman asked me if I happened to have shears with me and would do a quickie cut in the parking lot! It was a neat experience! —Stephanie Roberts-White

4...at a local country music fest, my "clients" sat on a cooler, one saw I was cutting hair and I had a line form! Thank goodness for generators! —Samantha A. Braun

5...a client was to have her hair styled in the salon for a wedding she was in, but she had a very upset stomach and couldn't leave the toilet. While her neighbor picked up a prescription for her, I went to her home and did her hair while she sat you-know-where doing you-know-what. She was mortified, but once the meds kicked in, she made it to the wedding and I gained some new clients! —Paula Gordon Hamer

6...in the parking lot of a CVS. I was coming home from the salon and had to stop for aspirin or something. A woman was standing in the parking lot with her young daughter who got some kind of glue in her hair that was on her father's workbench in the garage. Luckily I had a lot of various product in my trunk to soften the glue enough to get some of it out. I used Moroccanoil and bottled water so I got the glue out had to cut some of it out, then finished the cut into a little layered bob child's hair cut. I was in the parking lot for an hour! —Myssie Ebright

7...at a punk show at Asbury Lanes bowling ally in Asbury Park, NJ. My friend/client was the tour manager for a band and desperately needed her hair done. We cut and colored her at the merch table and shampooed her in the bathroom sink. All while the bands were playing! —Audrey Traum

8...I walked into a T.J. Maxx and saw an employee with a bad hair cut. I told him I'm a stylist and I gave him my card. Before I left the store, he told me that if I were a true stylist I would do his hair after he got off of work that night. I told him I would. When he was off, I had my clippers with me and I turned on my headlights for light and gave him a fade right there! It was fun and I received 5 new clients from him! —Staci Marie Helmeid

9...my friend and I were in Ocean City Maryland a few years ago. She was complaining that her hair was bugging her. I told her I had my shears so she agrees to a hair cut. So here I am in the McDonalds parking lot giving her a layered cut with bangs. This then caused a few others to get theirs done. I became the new drive thru! —Alicia Miller

10...was at a salon that I didn't work at yet! I was doing a first-time client of mine's hair at home, and I had already applied color and highlights and was letting her process. That's when the major water line on our road busted, and I found out it would be hours before it came back on! When water bottles were not working to rinse the color out, I called the salon I had an interview that evening with, and the owner allowed me to drive there, in my apron, with my client, in cape and towel on head, to shampoo, cut, and style her. She liked that I did what I had to do to take care of my client, and I started there the next day! —Emily Gallo


The best hairdressers are the ones who _____





I love being a hairdresser because ______





The most inspiring day in my career was ______



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