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Friday, December 7th's question was: The best my hair has ever looked was when: _________...

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The best my hair has ever looked was when: _________...

1...when I found out how to control my hair. Being half black, with my mom white, I grew up not knowing how to do my hair and neither did she. It took a very long time and plenty of hair appointments for me to sit back and really look at myself. I used to only wear weaves so I could mask my hair. But from teen years into adulthood,I have found acceptance and confidence for who I am. And I never looked back. Since then, my hair has grown and it finally began to work with me instead of against me. I'm glad I know better now! So when was the best my hair has ever looked? Today and from now on. —Amanda Kyrie' Ayala

2...when it started to grow back after I finished chemo. I had always had stick-straight hair. After I finished my treatments, my hair grew back in a beautiful dark brown with a wave to it! (we like to call this effect "chemo perm") the wave gave me the cutest Pixie and my hair looked shiny and healthy. Or, maybe I was just excited to have hair again, but it looked the best it has ever looked. Nothing to make you appreciate your hair in its most natural state like losing it all will. —Jessica Warburton

3...when I started following the advice i had been giving clients for years, I stopped shampooing everyday and started using better products to protect my hair from heat. My hair is finally growing out and it is because I decided to make it a priority. Now I can make all the changes in cut and color and it will style properly because it acts like healthy hair should. —Caitlin Andrews

4...when I dared to be different and rocked some old school finger waves on my short bob! Very time consuming, but worth it! Never felt more beautiful you can never go wrong bringing back the basics. —Nicole Mary Kathryn Bruno

5...when I shaved my head because my friend was going through chemo. We were bald together. I didn't think I had the confidence to pull it off--but I rocked it! —Bethany Nichols Brown

6...after a bad few weeks I decided to pamper myself and get the works done by a brand new stylist out of school. She did an amazing job, gave me a cut, color and in return I gave her some very useful advice to make it in the industry! Every since then she's been thanking me and we are still close. —Douangta Keoonla

7...when my fellow classmates took it upon themselves to fix my over-bleached hair with some deep conditioning and style it in a new cut. Before school, I never knew what I was doing wrong. My wonderful teacher taught us well. —Joshua Poppell Jr.

8...when my three little girls curled it with pink sponge rollers and then brushed it out two hours later! It was wild, but the best bonding day with them! —Sharon McCage Hollberg

9...when my best friend took me to her salon and I was in the chair for once on my wedding day! It was so beautiful and she took such good care of me that day and made me feel like a princess! I will never forget that special time and how beautiful my hair looked!—Tricia Botsch

10...when I was pregnant. Maybe it's because I already felt so beautiful because I was growing my son inside of me, or maybe it was because of the help of all of the prenatal vitamins and hormones. Regardless, my normally thin hair was thick and grew long! I could do ANYTHING with it! God bless pregnancy hair! —Brittany Pohler


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The best hairdressers are the ones who _____





I love being a hairdresser because ______





The most inspiring day in my career was ______





The most unique location I ever did hair: ____

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