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Monday, December 10, 2012's question was: Next year in the salon, I resolve to ______...

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Next year in the salon, I resolve to ______...

1...make sure that my clients feel good inside and look great on the outside. And to continue my education to further my career. —Tia Savage

2...be inspired and inspire others to do great things with the talents we have been blessed with, and to show our beauty on the outside and the inside. —Natasha White-Garner

3...continue to uphold my mission: to make every client confident about the person they see in the mirror! —Jason L McDowell

4...improve on my weaknesses, try to teach my clients more on their hair care and, overall, have fun. —Joshua Poppell Jr.

5...be a more positive influence on my coworkers! Misery loves company and I want to be positive and keep a good attitude so I can help the lovely people around me. Hairdressers GIVE therapy but don't get it, I wanna help them beautify the world! —Crystal Collard

6...touch the lives of every person that sits in my chair. I will be advancing myself with education and listening to see how that person needs help either emotionally or outwardly to make them feel beautiful inside and out! I want to make them all shine and have an unforgettable experience! —Dorene Corliss

7...start respecting the value of my talent and charging clients what I'm worth. After doing some figuring, I'm pretty much paying people to get their hair done because I feel guilty charging what I'm worth. NO more! —Tanya Orr

8...always keep my clients happy and their needs first. To make sure they are completely satisfied before they even get up. Also keeping myself highly educated on latest trends styles and color so my clients' needs are always met! One happy client brings back more. —Diana Torres Mua

9...see each client with "fresh eyes," to see them as if they were new, first-time clients and look to add something fresh and new to their cut or color. It's so easy to get stale with long time clients, but if I look to change up something each time, it will keep me and them excited about their look, this should help continue to bring new clients. —Karen Snyder

10...continue learning new techniques, sell myself, hand out business cards, get those combo tickets, and leave a lasting impression on every client in my chair! —Shanna Snowden

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The best hairdressers are the ones who _____





I love being a hairdresser because ______





The most inspiring day in my career was ______



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