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Tuesday, December 11, 2012's question was: The next big change I want to make is_______...

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The next big change I want to make is_______...

1...is myself. Not being selfish but there are times when we as humans get down or are too rough on ourselves for one reason or another. I want to be able to change from within. A new attitude. A new outlook on things. A new outlook on life. Then when that's done I can focus completely on others! If I can transform myself, I can transform ANYONE!! —Misty Deupree

2...to take my career in my own hands and be honest with myself if I am successful. I have the training and the education and its up to me to make it happen. —Maren La Roche

3...is me! Focusing on wellness for myself: mind, body, spirit. When I'm at my best, I am so much better for my guests and everyone around me! —Amanda Evans Napolitan, Seasons SalonSpa, Redlands,Ca.

4...to include additional services. I already do hair and nails; now I would like to include eyelash extensions, hair extensions and permanent make-up. The more services I offer, the more lives I can touch and when I touch people's lives, it makes MY entire life worthwhile. Nothing is more beautiful than a happy heart. —Connie Slay Purpura

5...I just recently moved out of state for the first time. Chicago to Ohio, for my husband's job. Here in Ohio you have to re-test on everything to transfer your cosmetology license. So the next big move for me is to pass the three tests and get back to work and build my clientele. —Gina Marie Kubat

6...my weight for my health. It'll give me better endurance in the salon. —Alfonzo Chavez

7...remodeling my salon! My husband and his friend built it when they were 18 so there is some things that could use a changing! Including a new blow dryer lol. —Nancy Smith Anderson

8...to spend my free time volunteering somewhere like the Women's Abuse Center, or at a Cancer center. I taught myself how to cut and color wigs, and I have a few clients, but recently, my Dad and my Uncle both passed away from cancer, and I want to use my skills and reach out to people to bring a little happiness into their life, and at the same time, maybe help me to heal from losing so many of my loved ones from this disease. —Tina R. Huff

9...how people view hair stylists. Our clients of course love us in every form and fashion possible, but those that walk by and say they're too expensive, or I want to be finished in 10 minutes...I want people to open their eyes and realize we spent long hours and difficulties to get through school. What we have is a talent, an art, a need to beautify! We work crazy hours, we miss out time on our personal lves, we hardly get a day off. But we do all of this because we love our skills and we love to go to the next step to pleae our clients. It's all about seeing a vision beyond what the client sees! I just want to make that change where people really understand what we do and what we have to offer. This industry is so large that if every stylist worked toward this goal we could make this happen! —Zack Glaze

10...to amp up my salons social media presence, educate more stylists on the proper way to become and be successful as an independent contractor, take more time to acknowledge and appreciate people who enrich my life. —Suzanne French Style Associates Salon Inc.

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The best hairdressers are the ones who _____





I love being a hairdresser because ______





The most inspiring day in my career was ______

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