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Wednesday, December 12th's question was: Makeovers matter because ______...

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Makeovers matter because ______...

1...giving someone confidence in themselves, as well as teaching them how to achieve that at home, is one of the greatest gifts you could give anyone, especially during the holiday season. —Lauren Bradley

2...you as a stylist have the opportunity to change your client's life and make them feel good about their appearance. —Emily Victoria Veal

3...not only do you change their day you sometimes also change their outlook on life because you made them feel so much better and confident when they left compared to when they walked in! —Bambi Cooper

4...feeling beautiful gives our clients the confidence they need to go into the world with their best foot forward. It may mean getting through a divorce or breakup, finding a new job, making it in a new city, and even growing older without having to feel your age! And sometimes makeovers matter just because everyone should feel their best! —Erin Hall

5...people matter. We have such a rewarding job. We have the ability to turn people's day, month, year, or even lives around. The simple act of really listening, and caring about each and every person that sits in your chair is invaluable! The chance to make them feel beautiful is so very rewarding. —Lisa Ciocca

6...the feeling you get when you've changed someone's life for the better, helping them see who they are with no reservations, beyond flaws and insecurities, lifting them up to enhance their true self so they may go out and conquer the world with their head held high, is seriously the most rewarding thing in the world. Being able to give someone that feeling is what I live for as a stylist. —Pris Cilla

7...it goes with the saying, "when you look good, you feel good." Makeovers matter because they have the ability to empower. They help give people the confidence they need to 'go for it,' whether it is going for an important interview, rekindling an old love, or even going to the first day of school. It inspires people to do things they originally felt they were not able to do, and it inspires me, as a hairdresser, to watch their personal growth. —Jessica Macklen

8...you can make someone look as good as the feel on the inside. The transformation is amazing, but the best part is the reaction when they feel beautiful! —Stephanie Lynn Grijalva

9...when they need that reassurance to give them the confidence they lost or never had to make them walk taller and smile, we are there for them. In that moment when they look in the mirror and a tear falls from their eye and we know that WE made them feel that acceptance for the person that they are. It assures us that we are doing what we're meant to do and makes us love our job that much more! —Jeri Stewart-Gaynor

10...Makeovers matter because it gives the stylist and the client an opportunity to form a special bond. When you are able to transform someone into what they feel to be a WHOLE new person it not only makes you, as the stylist, feel great, but it also makes the client trust and respect you as their hair stylist. —Susie Denham

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The best hairdressers are the ones who _____





I love being a hairdresser because ______





The most inspiring day in my career was ______


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