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Throughout this celebration, we're going to post a fill-in-the-blank question for you to answer once per day. If we choose your answer as one of our favorites, you win that day's giveaway! We're talking free shears, shampoos, stylers, nail polishes and more as we celebrate this huge milestone! Each day brings a new post and a new opportunity to win something cool, so make sure you "LIKE" MODERN's Facebook page!

Monday, December 17th's question was: My dream date for continuing education is two hours with ______...

If we picked your answer as one of our favorites, we're going to direct message you on Facebook to get your address to send you a Schwarzkopf Professional Hairtherapy Moisture Kick Package! 

BC moisture Kick is perfect to rebalance the hair’s moisture level. The Hyaluronic Acid derivative recharges hair with essential moisture without weighing it down. The kit includes Moisture Kick Shampoo, Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner and Moisture Kick Recharger.

The 10 MODERN Facebook fans who will be recieving the Schwarzkopf Professional Hairtherapy Moisture Kick Package are:

My dream date for continuing education is two hours with ______...

1...Tabatha Coffey and Darico Jackson....on the rocks, with a twist of lemon, no lime! Tabatha is the bomb at everything she does and Darico is ALL OVER the industry! —Eboni Talley

2...Ted Gibson! I have goals I would like to achieve in my career an feel he would help me get there, with his advice and personal experiences! He is amazing! —Amber Eleanor Meile

3...Angelo Seminara - he has been my idol for the last 3 years. Everything I see of his I try to do at least once! —Veronica Wirges

4...My mother, and Vidal Sassoon. My core beliefs, and artistic creation, and love of my job, come from these two great people. —Cheryl Fisk

5...This will sound odd, but my dream date for continuing education would be with Betsey Johnson, simply to find a way to collaborate her crazy fashion style into hair inspiration - and also to find out exactly how she made such a big name for HERSELF as an individual creator! —Lauren Bradley

6...Oribe. Love him. Love his story. Love his products. Although, I may need more than two hours (he's so dreamy, it would be hard to pay attention) —Rachel Lang Downward

7...Vivienne Mackinder, after doing a report on her for cos class, she seems to be an amazing world icon!!! I would love to meet her! —Tracey Jabrocki

8...Paula Dean because even through the tv she makes a person feel like her best friend. After all we could all use that to get and keep our clients in our chair. —Laurie Westfall

9...Sally Hershberger. It still amazes me that a person can try a new haircutting technique on a willing (guinea pig) client and it can become an iconic style almost overnight! She is incredibly talented but makes it all seem so effortless! —Carrie Dean Brown

10...My mom. She was a hair dresser and I didn't know her. Actually i didn't even know she did hair until I after I signed up for school. I hear she was amazing at her job and with her clients. I would love to have two hours with her talking life and hair. —Cara Keenan

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The best hairdressers are the ones who _____





I love being a hairdresser because ______





The most inspiring day in my career was ______



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