Fringe can complement or transform face shape.

Bangin’ BangsBangin’ BangsSide Swept

Cameron Diaz’s fringe is a versatile, asymmetrical look that’s currently very popular. “In most of the photos and films I have seen Cameron in, very few of them fully expose her forehead,” says Sexy Hair Artistic Creative Director, Rafe Hardy. “Her style is an example of how a side-swept fringe can soften stronger, more dramatic facial features or a square-shaped face.”

TRY IT: Use a lightweight styling product like Short Sexy Hair What a Body (Ultra Bodifying Blow Dry Gel) to give direction and to control the cuticle. Add a tiny bit of pomade to add subtle texture and control, and finish with a lightweight hairspray.


Bangin’ BangsBangin’ BangsFeather Fringe

Zooey Deschanel’s bangs will suit most face shapes—this style is especially good for women with high foreheads. These bangs will shrink the amount of face shown—and it’s also great for cowlicks, as the heaviness will weigh them down, says celebrity stylist Jacqueline Bush for René Furterer. “The reason why Zooey’s bangs always look fun and flirty is because the ends are softened.”

TRY IT: Apply a pea-sized amount of styling gel such as the René Furterer Vegetal Sculpting Gel to wet hair. Blow dry bangs diagonally across one side of the forehead, then switching sides, alternating lightly until bangs are dry. Using a Denman brush will create enough lift without being too round. Then take the hair dryer and blow dry the section just past the highest point of the brow outwards only slightly. Lightly run through the top of the bangs a dab of molding paste to add hold while still allowing movement.”


Bangin’ BangsEye Skimming

Taylor Swift’s new fringe is heavy with a softer edge, complementing her heart-shaped facial structure. Celebrity stylist Oribe gives us his advice on how to re-create the look.

TRY IT: To create these soft bangs, cut a blunt line between the eye brows with shears and then angle the edges with a razor. To create the style, blow dry with Oribe Royal Blowout. Spray Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray at the roots and Oribe Après Beach throughout the hair to add texture, shine and separation. Use a serum around the face to create a Brigitte Bardot-inspired shape.

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