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Thursday, December 20th's question was: You know it's the holiday season in the salon when ________...

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You know it's the holiday season in the salon when ________...

1...lunch consists of candy and cookies given by our fantastic clients! —Tammy Holcomb-Whitbeck

2...women make appointments every week for 3 weeks to figure out the hair style they like best for their Christmas party, or the grumpy old men come piling in because their wives make them get that way over due hair cut before the kids and grandkids get there and the Christmas cupcakes and cookies come rolling in. —Leasa-Ann Crump

3...Christmas toons are playing, blow dryers running, stylists moving at fast paces, and clients leaving with smiles to their holiday events! —Annie Arbelo

4...12 appointments booked
11 kids a screamin'
10 roller sets
9 Client Giftsssss!!
8 gift cards sold
7 cuts to go
6 brows to wax
5 dollar tipssssss
4 perms to roll
3 colors done
2 tired feet
And another person beautifullllllllllll!!!:)
Took me a while to make this up!
—Jamie Lee Clark

5...you know its the holiday season when you are still singing christmas music in your head hours after you have gotten home. —Autumn Gonzalez

6...The phone is ringing non–stop, people wanting to get into your already full book, working more hours to get all those last-minute people in, and all those good gifts we get for making our guests looks so good all year round. I sure do love it though! —Christina Rizzo DeVaughn

7...You know it's the holiday season in the salon when you dnt even have time to eat any of the cookies in the back and when you're done with your late shift, they're all gone. —Diana Ruiz

8...When it is only December the 10th and you have already gained five extra holiday pounds from all of the sweet treats from your regulars! They hand you (another) box of chocolates and you want to smile and cry AT THE SAME TIME! Happy holidays everyone!! —Amber 'Miller' Monroe

9...You know it's the holiday season in the salon when breakfast is at 7am, dinner is at 10pm, and lunch consists of a Christmas cookie someone left on your station washed down with a cup of cold, hairy coffee. —Libby Trask Johnson

10...the towel cabinet is empty five minutes after you just filled the whole thing up. —Alfonzo Chavez


The best hairdressers are the ones who _____





I love being a hairdresser because ______





The most inspiring day in my career was ______

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