Macadamia Natural Oil has launched an anti-diversion campaign entitled “Professional, Protected. Promise.” The program reinforces the company’s commitment to professional products and services and to preventing the sale of professional products in unauthorized outlets. The company’s anti-diversion campaign comprises multiple initiatives to ensure that salon professionals are purchasing genuine Macadamia Natural Oil products.

A new system of product coding features a number system that tracks and identifies the source of diverted products.

All distributor contracts will include specific anti-diversion clauses and terms, and the company can terminate any distributor or salon that is proven to be diverting Macadamia Natural Oil products.

The company will take legal action against any unauthorized retailer selling Macadamia Natural Oil products.

The company’s anti-diversion campaign and its “Professional. Protected. Promise” logo will be displayed on future materials found online or provided by distributors and distributor sales consultants.

Macadamia Natural Oil is supporting its anti-diversion campaign with a public relations effort to communicate the company’s policy on diversion and the dangers of diverted products. Materials will be available to salons and stylists at all shows and events.

Macadamia Natural Oil is asking its network of stylists to assist in the anti-diversion campaign by reporting, in strict confidence, any instances of unauthorized sales or purchases of what they believe to be diverted or counterfeit products. Salon professionals can contact the company through a dedicated email address:

“Macadamia Natural Oil is, and always has been, dedicated to the professional salon community. We are aware of this issue and would like to underscore that we are strongly committed to the fight against diversion and the steadfast support of our professional salon industry,” says John Fasan, CEO of Macadamia natural Oil.

“Diversion is harmful on so many levels and products sold may be expired, diluted, counterfeit or unsafe. In addition, products are often priced higher than in a salon. Ultimately, diversion affects the salon and stylist’s bottom line—the very group we support and service. Through our ‘Professional.Protected.Promise’ campaign, we are able to spotlight this concern and what we are doing to eradicate it. Macadamia Natural Oil remains focused on delivering the highest quality professional solutions to meet every salon’s, stylists’ and client’s hair care need,” Fasan adds.

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Macadamia Natural Oil Announces Anti-Diversion Program



Macadamia Natural Oil Announces Anti-Diversion Program 

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