Hair removal is a growth industry.  Norma Jean Fusco, the CEO of Nufree, a wax-free hair removal system, encourages hair stylists to incorporate hair removal into their skill set.Resolve to Remove: Nufree Founder Talks Hair Removal

 “Every square foot of a salon has to make money and hair removal brings in a dollar a minute profit,” says Fusco.  “An eyebrow grooming takes just a few minutes and a stylist can charge $12.00 to $15.00 dollars.  The cost of goods is about 6 cents.  You don’t find that profit margin doing any other service.”

Fusco also emphasizes the importance of appealing to today’s time-crunched clients.

“Hairdressers are so used to building their clientele just on hair but in this economy you have to be one-stop-shopping.   We all  go to a supermarket because it saves gas, it saves time and when someone comes into a salon, hair removal should be offered on the menu.  This is a service your client is going to have done one way or another and it’s less expensive to have a good professional service than hurting yourself, scarring yourself, and then not taking the hair out in the first place.”

Some stylists are hesitant to do hair removal because, says Fusco, “They don’t want to bother. They think it’s expensive because they think they’re only going to do one eyebrow a week or they think it’s messy or unhygienic.”  Fusco will debunk those myths in future posts but, for now, she has these thoughts on how to get moving on removing:

  • Performing hair removal services increases a hairdresser’s confidence because you’re increasing their pocket money. 
  • Very few women can do a good job on their own brows.  Facial service introduces hair removal  to a client and once they are comfortable with you, from brows you can move to legs and other body hair removal.  And from just one pound of NuFree, you can do 20 pairs of legs.
  • Do little promotions in, say, a ten block area, offering free brow grooming.  It introduces the salon and the idea of hair removal to this section of your community.
  • Educate your receptionist on all that is offered and make sure they can talk about the hair removal services.
  • Right at the front door is where you have to introduce a new service.  Offer $5.00 eyebrows with every haircut one day a week, for instance.  


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