Modern Salon Media was granted the exclusive interview with Patrick McIvor regarding his new position as the Artistic and techniCulture Director for Kao, the parent company of Goldwell and KMS.

“I believe we are in the first revolution in our industry since the 1970’s,” McIvor told me last night after the announcement was made.  “Sassoon taught us that success was the result of the mastery of technique and the understanding of culture. He was always interpreting and refining. Sassoon made us understand that we had to love what we do.  Having the technique and skill - at that time - may have been enough to be successful.

“But now, to be successful, you must incorporate technology. If not, you will be the tree that fell in the woods that no one heard. Blending technology with a skill set IS the new revolution. Now, technology is the master of technique and the understanding of culture. ”

With decades of experience, McIvor has not just witnessed this revolution, but has been at the forefront. Sharing his thoughts and tips over the years via seminars and workshops, McIvor has taught thousands of hairdressers  how to get exposure through social media. “When I first got published, it was a small box in the lower corner of a magazine. Now, with Pinterest and Facebook, my work can be seen immediately and everywhere.”

When asked how the creator of our sideswept multi textured updo gracing our January cover could best maximize that experience, McIvor is specific. “It’s funny you bring up that cover, because I already saw it yesterday on Facebook. I already read about Diana Macaluso [the cover artist].  Because of technology, her experience can last forever. For Diana, it’s really very ‘old vs. new’.  In the past, she would have to take her cover, cut it out and possibly put in up in her salon or send it to the local magazine or newspaper. She would have to sit back and wait or hope someone would pick up on it. Now, because of technology, thousands of us ALREADY know her name and know more about her. Her experience is already bigger. Ideally she will get it up on Pinterest and that picture will now inspire salon professionals around the world. All of her guests and friends will already know about it and it becomes a different conversation. ”

 McIvor points out that it’s important Macaluso extend the experience. “Think about it, Modern Salon Magazine, a top top magazine, offers this cover opportunity just 12 times a year. Diana is outside of NYC so she will pretty much be the only person in her area to have that opportunity…to have the cover of MODERN SALON MAGAZINE…for at least three years. This is really a big story that because of technology will bring her more guests, more media and professional recognition. She should create a video of HOW she created the look and post that to You Tube. That video should be linked to the picture, via technology, and, again, it will live on forever. Technology doesn’t know time or cost…it’s all free. With social goods, Diana and all of us can celebrate what we are doing. Because of social goods, her work will exist everywhere and live forever. ”

But McIvor points out that artists don’t need the cover of Modern Salon Magazine to celebrate their work. According to McIvor his goal, and the goal of Goldwell and KMS, is to make their stylists the most viral in the world. “There is a struggle to be successful and that struggle creates success everyday. While hairdressing and color is an art…it IS a business. The leaders at Goldwell and KMS understand that.

“Sandra [Humphries, Vice President of Education, Salon], John [Moroney, Global Salon Vice President, Education], Trevor [ Attenborough, President and General Manager, Salon for  Kao USA, Salon] and Cory [Couts, President Global Salon]  all come from hairdresser backgrounds. They get it. They understand that we can use technology to make us all get better, be better artists and get more business.“

McIvor, a salon owner, platform artist and educator, has had a chance to observe the rapid and dramatic  changes that have changed our world, especially in the last ten years. “When we created education as absolute rights, it was based on principle based education….what works, what doesn’t work. It was great academically and scientifically, but not necessarily artistically. People were learning to do what was RIGHT, but not as an artist. An artist doesn’t put paint on a canvas and say ‘is this right?’ It’s important to get as much education as possible and learn from it. Learn from each other…social media. It’s not necessarily bottom up education, it’s just no longer ONE right way. There are multiple RIGHT WAYS.

“Today we can discover what we want to be. Social media allows us to do our own work and be proud of it. We can now get more education, learn from others and learn what has worked and equally importantly NOT worked for other stylists.”

When asked what exactly he will be doing with Goldwell and KMS, McIvor says his newly created position is official as of January 1. Today he is meeting  with the Goldwell/KMS team in Santa Monica, California. “I will be travelling globally, helping and sharing. I will be educating on hair color, social media and most importantly how to grow business. It’s about how to get the guests you want via technology. This IS a revolution. Now is that time, and we, Goldwell, KMS and Kao, are ready.”

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