100k POST WINNERS: I shine the brightest in the salon when ______To celebrate MODERN's 100,000 Facebook LIKES and to thank our fans for helping us get there, get ready for exciting giveaways!!

Throughout this celebration, we're going to post a fill-in-the-blank question for you to answer once per day. If we choose your answer as one of our favorites, you win that day's giveaway! We're talking free shears, shampoos, stylers, nail polishes and more as we celebrate this huge milestone! Each day brings a new post and a new opportunity to win something cool, so make sure you "LIKE" MODERN's Facebook page!

Thursday, January 4th's question was: I shine the brightest in the salon when ______...

If we picked your answer as one of the best 10, we're going to direct message you on Facebook to get your address to send you a free bottle of Oribe Hair Care's new Shine light-reflecting spray (check those inboxes)! This air-light glossing spray, infused with argan oil and lemongrass, brilliantly illuminates, enhancing color and highlights while taming frizz and flyaways. Mist onto styled hair for the perfect finishing touch. Reapply as you wish for all-day radiance.

The 10 MODERN Facebook fans who will be receiving Oribe Hair Care's Shine light-reflecting spray are below! Congratulations to the winners—keep an eye on those Facebook inboxes!

I shine the brightest in the salon when _____...

1...I know I have completely turned someone's day around, just by doing my job. Nothing is a greater feeling! —Lauren Bradley

2...I'm done working my magic and the client smiles as they look into the mirror! —Nicole Diane

3...the client walks away smiling and then sends 5 of her friends because she really loved what I did for her. —Rebecca Landers-Dillard

4...the moment when my client relaxes, usually at the shampoo bowl, and they quit talking and let all they are carrying go. And really relax. Best feeling ever to help create that space for someone. —Sally Tyler Whitworth

5...I am dancing and laughing and loving my place in the world as a DayMaker!—Carleen Sanchez

6...knowing that I have given each person and potential repeat client that walks into the door the same loving attention anyone deserves while providing whatever service they so desire and seeing the results on their face simply just makes me beam!—Catie Manning

7...I listen to what my clients needs and wants are. Giving them the best product selection and the education behind it! It's truly rewarding!—Ash Fortis

8...I can help another stylist with any question or concern she may have with her own service. I love being able to help other people because we are all still continually learning a new way to do it better.—Laura Ashler

9...my clients' husbands give their wives that look after I make them over, you know that fall in love all over again look.—Theresa Tia Castillo

10...my client gives me 100% freedom to use my creative energy and skills on their hair. When my client is open to me I am also open and flowing with them. We are able to shine together!—Tina M. Patton



The best hairdressers are the ones who _____





I love being a hairdresser because ______





The most inspiring day in my career was ______




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