COLLECTION: Denman's Jack Dean Collection

Jack Denman Dean, known as “Jack Dean” was many things: an engineer, race car driver, entrepreneur, writer and inventor of the Denman Brush. Now a complete styling system formulated to cleanse, condition and style hair has been created in his honour.

The Jack Dean styling collection reflects Dean’s pioneering spirit from traveling all over the world. The grooming products feature classic hair lotions and tonics formulated with exotic fragrances like Eau de Quinine, Eau de Portugal and American Bay Rum.


COLLECTION: Denman's Jack Dean Collection COLLECTION: Denman's Jack Dean Collection
Classic Quiff: This look used Jack Dean Matt Styling Paste to create a sleek, classic quiff. Warmed in the hands, the fibres of the paste were spread over the hair to smooth the sides flat to the head. Then, working from the roots, the front of the hair was gently lifted and smoothed into the quiff shape. Smart Casual: This soft, casual hair cut is enhanced and finished using a combination of Jack Dean Finishing Sheen Pomade and Matt Styling Paste. Rub firmly between the palms to warm and apply pomade to the sides and back. Then, smooth using a Jack Dean Club brush to create a smooth outline. Using fingers, work paste through the front and top sections to give height and a soft, controlled finish.
COLLECTION: Denman's Jack Dean Collection COLLECTION: Denman's Jack Dean Collection
Military Classic: Use Jack Dean Finishing Sheen Pomade to accentuate the close-cropped sides before working it into the top section. Split into two sections, and use pomade to smooth the hair at the front and hold it flat in place. In the back, rub into the roots to create broken texture. Classic Finish: Work the Matt Styling Paste into the sides and back smoothing the hair down, then work the hair towards the hairline. Work first on one side then the other. Use fingers to work the paste into the roots pushing the hair up and forwards into the center. Take a little more paste, smooth down the front hairline and use fingertips to add texture.



Hair: Chris Foster, The Foss Academy

Photography: Andy Kruczek

Make-up: Alex Chalk

Styling: Ben Cottrell

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