Tracey Cunningham is the colorist behind some of the most beautifully coiffed Hollywood stars including Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner and Drew Barrymore. I caught up with her at the 2013 Redken Symposium where the 10,000 salon professionals in attendance were lining up to rub shoulders with her.

Before I pulled out the microphone, I asked Tracey what she felt was the secret to her success. "I've been lucky," she says. "It's all been word of mouth. You do a good job on one client...who tells her friend...who tells her friend, etc. It's also that I am based in the area where celebrities live. However, even for that stylist or colorist in a smaller town, that celebrity could be the mayor's wife or local DJ."

Tracey is humble and understated and willing to share. I had her for just a few minutes so I was able to get some of her favorite formulas including for blondes: "Always keep it a bit lighter around the hairline," and redheads: "I always do a 7C and half clear...its just so pretty as a base."

When asked about how she maintains the condition of the hair of Drew Barrymore, who changes her hair as frequently as most clients change their shoes, Tracey admits there a lot of conditioning both during and in between services.

Most importantly, Tracey says it's important to "Be who you want to be. The crazy looks and styles that young hairdressers wear can really scare off clients. Remember...its really all about the client and not about you."  Hmmmmm...that AND talent sounds like the REAL reason Tracey is a superstar. Check out this interview and learn more about Tracey...from Tracey herself.

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