In the Southwest Magazine there was an article on how much hair we lose in a day, then quotes following by a beauty-related website.  The quote read, “Hair doesn’t regenerate its surface so damage builds up over time. Try to limit washing, drying and combing damage and avoid chemical processing.“

 Your Words Become Your Brand...Use Them WiselyOk, I understand not washing everyday,not  ripping through your hair with a comb and or brush aggressively but avoiding chemical processing...what industry are you in?!  So I researched the website--where real scientists answer your beauty questions is their tag line.  Ok, here’s one for you: why are you telling people to avoid chemical services?  Of the billions of dollars that the beauty industry generates, including your company as I  see you advertise beauty products, over 24 billion is based on chemical services and that may generate about  40-60 % of their pay.

Beauty has so many opportunities today--young clients, men and women,  baby boomers, coloring, keratin relaxer treatments-- all to better satisfy our most important accessory called hair! Maybe the right thing to say is to limit over exposure to chemical treatments.  As it is scientists who are developing the chemical products, so why would you put your own “kind” out of business along with the professional chemical service provider?  Yet another lesson in using your words wisely to better inform the consumer.

 Our lesson: Do teach your clients the proper tools and products to minimize damage and keep the integrity of the hair intact while receiving the services they request and you suggest and allow us (including you scientists) to earn a decent living.   Ok, you may remove my soapbox now….on to my next adventure!


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