TEXTURE HOW-TO: Curl Hair Without a Curling Iron with Strawllers

Regardless of your client’s ethnicity, texture, curl pattern or length, Strawllers long, simple-to-use hair rollers can help you create defined, elegant-looking curls.

TEXTURE HOW-TO: Curl Hair Without a Curling Iron with StrawllersSTEPS

1. Start with clean hair. Separate hair into 1/4´´ to 1´´ sections. Curl will be tighter if section is smaller.

2. Prepare hair for the Strawllers by folding the ends with the end paper. Depending on hair texture, use gel to ensure best results and longer-lasting curls.

3. Starting at the bottom and rolling upward towards the scalp, wrap sections lengthwise around the roller to form natural spirals.

4. Secure by pinning the inside of the curl lengthwise against the scalp and dry hair completely under a hooded dryer.

5. Gently unwind each roller. Apply Strawllers finishing shine and use fingers to gently separate and arrange curls.

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