TEXTURE HOW-TO: Keep Curly Hair Looking Natural Keep your clients’ natural curls looking their best with products and techniques offered by Curly Hair Solutions.


1. Begin with wet, clean, detangled hair. Comb generous amounts of Curl Keeper on wet hair from roots to ends. Begin grouping hair together; the more hair you group, the looser the curl.

TEXTURE HOW-TO: Keep Curly Hair Looking Natural 2. Twist each group around a finger for a better grip and slide finger down the hair shaft.

3. Scrunch wet curls to create more of a defined ringlet. If you do not hear a squish when you scrunch the curls, you need to add more Curl Keeper.

4. Let hair dry naturally until it is surface dry. Then use a diffuser to speed drying time. Shake curls to create movement while diffusing to create volume.

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