MODERN Facebook fan Drew Noreen, a stylist at Arizona's Pucci Salon and artist for The Beauty Agents, was given quite the task when client Jenn Lyles decided she wanted to take her box-colored level 3 hair to an Amanda Bynes-inspired blonde. The results were stunning!

COLOR CORRECTION: Dark Brown to Blonde

Since November, Noreen's Color Correction tutorial has reached thousands of views from MODERN's audience--that's because of Noreen's excellent ability to break down complex processes into easy to digest material.

"The thing that I like most about working with Jenn is her openness to change," Noreen says. "I often find clients are afraid of trying something new because of a commitment to change. With this makeover, we decided to take a more subtle approach when updating her color and a more dramatic with the cut which is inspired by ‘Rachel’ from Friends."

Here's how he did it:

"I began with the cut while her hair was dry and straight (the way she came in). I chose to do this for a couple of reasons," he says. "One, her hair is naturally curly, but she wears it straight so this allowed me to determine the desired length to be removed. Secondly, to save on color!"

After the cut was finished, Noreen talked about the direction Jenn wanted to go with her color. She decided she wanted to have a less noticeable regrowth compared to what she currently had. "Ultimately we decided that doing a combination of lowlights and highlights would be the perfect solution to keeping her on the lighter side but having enough depth at the root to keep the regrowth less visible," he says.

Highlight: 2/3 Wella Blondor Multi Blonde + 1/3 Wella Blondor Extra Cool Blonde + 30 Vol.
Lowlight 1: 3/4 Wella Koleston Perfect 7/73 + 1/4 Wella Koleston Perfect 6/73 + 15 Vol.
Lowlight 2: Wella Koleston Perfect 6/77 + 10 Vol.

HOW TO: Color Inspired by Rachel From "Friends" Placement
"We didn’t want to get too dark overall or, as Jenn had said, ‘stripe-y,' so I decided to place the foils in a Halo pattern around the head so the colors would fall naturally together," he says. "For color placement, I started with LL Formula 1, HL, LL Formula 1, HL, LL Formula 2, HL and then repeated the placement over. I processed for approximately 25 min. without heat and then put her under the dryer on LOW HEAT for the last 10 minutes."

After the color was done processing, he shampooed Jenn’s hair with Oribe Beautiful Color shampoo and conditioner and towel dried well. "I then worked in a small amount of Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil and blew dry the hair, then straightened and refined the cut."



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