Jane Wurwand, Founder of The International Dermal Institute (IDI) and Dermalogica, recently spoke before a capacity crowd of professional skin therapists, students, salon-owners and trade editors at an event to commemorate the 30th anniversary of IDI’s founding in Los Angeles. The celebration, highlighted by an hour-long presentation by Wurwand, took place in the 200-seat theatre located inside the brand’s global headquarters in Carson, CA.

Dermalogica Founder Airs First Webinar, Celebrates Anniversary Wurwand saluted the healing power of human touch and its crucial role in professional skin care.  “As skin therapists who touch people’s skin for a living, we are,” she commented, “changing the world with our bare hands.”

 Although the advances in technology have provided us the means to say connected with each other more easily than ever, Wurwand explained the ultimate irony is that the human connection and human touch are in many instances replaced by the very devices that were designed to help people stay connected.

“I believe we are the cavalry”, Wurwand stated, who went on to explain that skin therapists around the world will provide the much-needed human touch and connection in a high-speed, digital, and “touch-starved” society that is facing an “epidemic of loneliness”.

Wurwand’s closing words urged skin therapists to keep the "why" behind their professional path in mind. “It is the ‘why’ that brought us to this industry” Wurwand stated.  As she reminded the audience, it is not the “what” or “how” that defines who we are and gives us purpose, but the “why”.


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