Colorists often look to the hair color of children to get inspiration for their formulas and application. The natural highs and lows, combined with the health and shine of unprocess hair is beautiful. For this blonde, created by Wella Professionals' Artist and Educator Dean Roybal, the vision was to create a baby blonde with dimension, designed with Wella's new Illumina Color.

The Artist
Dean Roybal
Wella Professionals Artist and Educator

Natural Level: 7N
Apply Wella Illumina Color 10/36 + 30-volume developer to new growth. To achieve soft dimension through midlengths and ends, alternate the following two formulas, pulling through diagonal slices: Illumina Color 10/1 + 30-volume developer and 10/36 + 40-volume developer. Process for 30 minutes. Cleanse and condition with Wella Professionals’ Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner for Fine to Normal Colored Hair.


Seamless Color
Show-Stopping Blonde
Sexy Summer Blonde Formula
Formula for a Bright, Healthy Blonde

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