HOW-TO: Justin Bieber's Shaved HeadTeenage pop star Justin Bieber has done it again--he's made headlines in the celebrity hair world after debuting a newer, undercut hair style, shaved short on the sides and leaving the top longer and swept to the side.

Bieber showed off his hair flip at a fan meet and greet in Germany on Friday, April 5th. MODERN asked Rodrick Samuels, owner of Profile Barber Institute and Andis Educator how to achieve a similar look on your clients. He recommends using the Andis Maven. "This look is a very cool cut for summer months. I predict to see it all over the place!" says Samuels.


STEP 1: Take a horizontal subsection from the back parting at the nape about 1-inch thick. Use a #2 guard and clipper out at a 45-degree angle.

STEP 2: Using the same #2, shave out these sections. Connect the lower back shaved section with these ones, utilizing a classic men's barbering shape (in a C shape around the ear).

STEP 3: Style with a light pomade or holding spray for texture and defintion.

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